Limbo Party

Andrea had this album for sale in her booth at Kudzu Antiques for a while before I realized I just had to scan the sucker before she sold it. Check out the great handmade letterforms as well as the half-hazardly cut-out photo of ol' Chubby doing the Limbo. I'm guessing that this was one of many attempts by Chubby to hold on to the incredible success that the Twist craze gave him ("The Twist" is the only record to hit #1 twice: in 1960 and then in 1962).

Doesn't he just make you wanna do the limbo? Oh yeah!


  1. talented people back then able to hand draw those letters with consistency. amazing.

  2. I think this is the first time I've ever posted here, but I discovered your blog a couple of months ago. Sorry for always being a lurker, but I never felt I had anything intersting to add.

    However, last night I was watching Cinderella and I noticed that while the animators gave her beautiful hands, she has no toes! For whatever reason you immediately popped into my head and I knew I just had to ask you: why doesn't she have toes??

  3. not sure if this album is still in my booth, though it has been there forever. I thought for sure it would sell quickly due to to its' high collectible quality and great graphics... I held onto it for quite some time for those very reasons. and yeah, I know it's probably worth much more than I'm selling it for. I shouldn't be so lazy about researching all my options, I guess. oh well. that's what two kids will do to you. if it hasn't sold yet, I guess I'll have to snatch it back.

  4. I tried limbo'ing once... Let's just say there's a very good reason they cordon off wet concreate areas...