Halloween Avatar Trickery

San Francisco was a major blast. I want to share all that we got to experience and see, but all in due time. In the meantime, I've been having fun with my avatar, leading up to Halloween. Here's the original:

New! Improved! 2010!

Now, here's a skeletal version:


How about a zombie version? I can haz brainz?

New Icon: Zombie

And now, a special nod to Nightmare Before Christmas, natch:

New avatar: Skellington-O-Matic

I might do more. It's been a lot of fun.

Happy Halloween!

UPDATE: Here's more!

New profile avatar: Wereward-O-Matic!

New profile avatar: Invisible Man


Built Like This

So, for the weekend this is happening: Built Like This and I couldn't be more proud of the wife. She's got some serious Polaroid skills, that hulaseventy chick. I should know. To see her photos enlarged and up on walls is a sight to be seen. Come this Friday for the opening reception from 7 - 9pm at Arkay Workshop in the Mission, San Francisco. It'll be cool to finally meet you. I mean, you've been talking about it for like, forever.

Oh, and on the same weekend, this is happening:

It's filled up, but worth noting because, well, it's my wife! And she's heading up a Through The Viewfinder workshop!

It's a hulaseventy weekend in the City by the Bay, this weekend, folks. Hope to see you there!