In limbo

Well, so much for trying to post an Ava Thursday. Yesterday, before I was going to post a new drawing by my daughter, I decided to go ahead and upgrade my OS to Tiger. But the installer hit a snag right in the middle of the process and would not go any further. The installer had stalled. I had to quit, restart the computer, and try again. Same thing happened. A third time, the same.

I had hoped that Tiger would fix all the odd little bugs and glitches that my Powerbook had been experiencing since I did a software update back in the fall. It's been very frustrating for me as I can't seem to find the time to take my Powerbook into the Mac store to see what's wrong with it. So, when I saw that Tiger was coming out soon, I figured I'd just wait until I can upgrade my entire system, hoping that all glitches would be ironed out. I guess I was wrong.

Who knows if the installer snag is related to all the problems I've been experiencing for a while now. At any rate, my computer is in a state of limbo right now, as I can't get into it as each time I restart. I'm going to have to wait until I get home to completely restore my original OS 10.3, the one I installed when I got the laptop last June. Yipee. I'm currently using my in-law's computer to post, and since I don't have Ava's drawings in their computer, I can't upload anything for Ava Thursday today. Very sorry about this, guys.

So, if you bear with me, I should be back up and running sometime around Sunday. I hope. Until then, have a great weekend!


  1. hi ward, very sorry to hear about your probs.
    try starting the pb with apple+s keys pushed until you see the black screen, then wait a while until you can type and type fsck -f which means that the file system is going to be checked. do this until a message appears "the volume appears to be ok". then type "restart".

    hope this works and greets from germany..


  2. Hey Ward-I went through the Tiger mambo too a couple of weeks ago...nearly had to make a trip to the Genius Bar...it took forever to start up, but finally did...I was sure it was a total disaster. Did you do a clean install, or an archive+install? Supposedly a "clean" should be better...but I know right now it's all sheer frustration. : (

    Have a good weekend, otherwise!

  3. Ward, apparently there is a patch to fix a few problems with Tiger, I heard it on the TV over here in the UK, I don't know if it'll aid your setup though, check the apple download page for more info: http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/macosxupdate1041.html