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Every once in awhile (okay, obsessively on the hour), I like to check out the stats for The Ward-O-Matic. If you're curious, I use StatCounter, which is very good in picking up on every hit. Here, I can see where people are coming from, link-wise and country-wise. I am continually amazed at how many people come from so many countries across the globe to visit this lowly little blog. I do hope they you all are enjoying yourselves when you do visit, and I hope that you come back again soon. I'm definitely having some fun with this thing.

Anyway, another feature that I enjoy with StatCounter is that you can see the searches that people did on Yahoo! or Google that were directed to my blog. Some of them are obvious, like ward, ward-o-matic, or ward animator. There was even someone from the West coast who did a search for ward jenkins. It blows me away that there was someone 3,000 miles away doing a search for my very name, of whom I have no clue as to their identity. Is it me, or is that not bizarre? Very strange. Ahh, the internet.

But then there are some searches...well, it's beyond my comprehension. Allow me to showcase some of the most recent searches performed that directed people to The Ward-O-Matic:

How to have same actor in many places at once
animation podcast
gus cinderella
working late cartoons
lindsay ward’s best photo
blog etiquette
hellboy gerald
gerald mcboing boing hellboy dvd
toot whistle plunk boom
making the polar express less scary
train wreck pic
train wreck cartoon
60’s style nurse
big banksy

And now, my favorites:
one nice booty
big booty andrea

Apparently, those last two searches were linked to My Birthday Booty, back in November, when I talked about the birthday presents I received from my wife, Andrea. Sorry to disappoint there, fellas. Better luck next time.


  1. not really sure what to do with that last bit of information. it is both horrifying and hilarious.

  2. "It blows me away that there was someone 3,000 miles away doing a search for my very name" who was it NSA, FBI, MI6, MiB..?

  3. Your blog aside, exactly who is doing a search for "big booty andrea"?

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  5. this post is hillarious! and i added the stat counter to my blog. it was super easy. it's so fascinating!!! and addictive to check it! :)

  6. Thought you might be interested to hear that I got a hit to my blog from a search for "ward-o-matic" the other day. I checked, and my site is the 127th result, so who knows what that person was up to...

    I also use Statcounter, and check it obsessively. They provide a really great service.

  7. it's an interesting world and even more so now with stat counter - that should be their jingle....

    thanks for the tip.