Back and burnt

After what has to be the worst return trip home ever, things are slowly but surely getting back to normal around here, which is not necessarily a good thing. Coming back to cold, rainy weather after a week-long vacation in sunny Florida (it was perfect weather every single day -- no lie) kinda makes it hard for me to warm up to being back home. But back I am, and burnt.

Oh, and my computer is back, as well. My brother-in-law did an "archive and install" through his laptop via Firewire and was able to install Tiger without a hitch. Big thanks to the helpful readers who offered some Mac assistance in this matter. It's good to know that there are others out there who are more than willing to help a fellow blogger out. Many thanks, guys.

I'm digging Tiger, as I was able to fix all the odd problems I had with my Powerbook G4 before the upgrade. Practically all my previous problems were completely password- and keychain-related: couldn't utilize Fast-User Switching, had to enter every password for every email account (Andrea and I have three) for Mail (if you're a Mac Mail user, you know just how frustrating that could be), couldn't access https (security) pages in Safari, and other small-ish glitches. So, yay! Everything is fixed and running smoothly, right? Wrong. Whenever my computer goes into "sleep" mode after inactivity, I loose my wireless connection and have to restart to get it back up again! I've tried several things, but nothing seems to work. But I'm not too worried. One thing I've noticed about being a computer user is that with every glitch I encounter, there are hundreds out there who have experienced the same thing I have. More than likely there is a solution to this quirk, and so I'm not too worried about it. I think.

Now that I'm getting settled back in, I'll be posting some great stuff coming up soon. And I promise to make it up to you all for missing out on an Ava Thursday. I hate that I skipped a week. Very sorry about that.

So, anyway -- have a great Memorial Day!


  1. glad you're back; sorry you're burnt. missed both yours and andrea's posts. sounds like you had a good week. i look forward to your great posts!

  2. I had a similar problem when I first set up my wireless network -- the connection would fail when the laptop went to sleep, and I would have to restart to reconnect. At least, that's what I thought was happening, until I noticed that after I took a phone call on my cordless phone, my wireless connection would crap out. I discovered that the cordless phone and the wireless were both 2.4GHz pieces of hardware, and were conflicting heavily. I upgraded the phone, and problem solved. I realize that this does nothing to help you out. I have no excuse.

  3. Glad your back and that your computer is mostly operational again. We definitely missed you and Ava's Thursday.

  4. Actually, I had not checked on the Energy settings, but it doesn't matter now, as everything seems to be working just fine now. It does do a quick fade out once I wake the Powerbook up, or open the cover, but it then quickly recovers. Thanks for the heads up, though.

    And lora, it's good to be back, but I sure do miss the beach and sun....

  5. Yes it's good to know people are willing to help, it's even better to know that people will be thanked for doing so...

    Welcome back :D Thanks for for the mention... Sort of.