Hello. It's me. Again.

Hello, it's me again. I am still here - I promise. It's been another long break in between posts here on this blog. I've been finding myself here more often lately, looking up old posts, reading memories, finding old photos and scans and reminiscing over old artwork by the kids - all from what seems like an eternity ago - and it got me thinking I should do an update, a spring cleaning of sorts. There are a lot of posts with broken and/or corrupt images (because I was using an out-dated image hosting server - this was before Blogger offered hosting images) and I'd love to revive these broken posts, fix them by updating the images and making everything whole again. 

I do miss the glory days of blogging where we would share our thoughts and interests and photos of our lives and share our latest drawing (or our kids' drawings) and have a nice back-n-forth with people commenting, sharing their own stories, connecting and reconnecting. The connecting is vastly different now. But here, this is where it all began: a lowly blog, with a few words accompanied by a photo or drawing or two. I'd like to do this again. I'm actually enjoying typing this out right now and seeing my words appear as I think them out - like I did SO many times before. 

So, hello - again. It's me. Hope to reconnect with you again here. I've missed you.