Ava Thursday: I am beautiful

Crazy! It's been touch and go since we've been back from vacation and I'm so worn out from it all. Not only have I had to finish up a mad crazy scene this week at work (working all night again last night), we had to prepare for Ava's graduation from preschool today, which was a big fun event. To top it all off, it's been raining every. single. day. since our return and Andrea and I are not happy about it. We want our vacation back. Why can't we have a two, or maybe three -- no, make that a FOUR week vacation? A month-long vacation twice a year, hmm? Sounds good to me. It'll make us all happier people, I tell ya.

So, for this week's Ava Thursday: better late than never, right? I again apologize for the delay in posting. Today has been one wild ride. I was going to post an earlier drawing by Ava from a couple of years ago, but when I found out that she wanted to draw something specifically for me to scan and "put on the computer," well, you know me, I just had to wait.

Ava said that this is Mommy and she has her purse and a red dress with a heart on it. You can see that there's a talk balloon in the upper right-hand corner, and Ava tells me that she's saying, "I am beautiful." Not that Andrea walks around the house saying this all day (unless she does when I'm not around), but I think that this is what Ava really thinks of her mother. She is, indeed, beautiful. And a fantastic mother, too.


  1. That is unreal! There is so much personality in that drawing. Ava! You little genius!

  2. Hello.... I like that one..... she is getting the skeleton just right.... well done ava!!!! Also!!!! Please see


    Please join!!!

    Anyway.... I like the nelly nut lips!!!!!

  3. What can I say but...precious, precious, precious! You are a fantastic daddy too!

  4. Hey Ward!
    Welcome back from holiday. I have been keeping up with you via your nifty blog--Although I'm a negligent friend, I do like knowing what you're up to. And boy-oh-boy does that disco Star Wars track take me back. Give me a shout out at colonelko@msn.com.
    Best to Andrea and Ava!