Animation Podcast

What a great idea. If you're hip to all the latest computer trends, then you've heard of podcasts, mp3's that can be automatically downloaded into your computer via free programs such as iPodder, or just by downloading on your own. Well, there are tons of different types of podcasts out there (check out Podcast Alley to search and vote on all the latest), from movie reviews, sports shows, news, you name it.

And now, there is Clay Kaytis's Animation Podcast, a podcast that's about... well, animation. With one podcast under its belt, Animation Podcast has already scored major cool points with me for interviewing Andreas Deja, Disney animation supervising director extraordinaire! In fact, it's a 3-parter, with the rest of the interview coming up soon. There's nothing more important than for current and future animators to listen to how someone like Dejas got into the biz. Fascinating stuff!

As animators, we all are constantly gathering as much information about the art-form in any way possible, and podcasts are just the latest thing. I'm very curious to see what Animation Podcast has in store for us in the coming months. Check it out now!

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