Photobooth Friday (finally)

Call me Mr. Beardy

It's been a long, long time since my last participation in Photobooth Friday (Wow. Not since April of 2008?), but I'm glad to say that a trip to the Ace Hotel this past Sunday was worth coming back for.

We (Ava, Ezra & I) call guys with big beards here in Portland "Mr. Beardy" - "Look Daddy! There's a Mr. Beardy!" If you want to see a prime example of a Mr. Beardy (besides myself), check out the dude who works behind the counter at Stumptown right next to the Ace. You'll thank me for it.

Currently enjoying:

wednesday: orange • My wife's polaroid collection.
• Hansen's Vanilla Cola: real cane sugar FTW.
• My new(ish) Cintiq 21UX: thank you, Hugh. You're awesome.
• German visitors: Mathias & J├Ârdis (and little Mari), best house guests EVER.
• Almonds: magical nuts that are supposed to change my life.
• Twitter: because Facebook can be annoying. Like real life.

Not enjoying:

• Third anniversary of my Aunt Bo's passing away because of stupid cancer. I miss her.
• Andrea out of town. Again.
• German visitors having to leave to go back home. Goodbyes suck.
• Waiting to get paid.
• Waiting. Period.


Daytrippin with Kitsune Noir

daytripping for kitsune noir

Bobby of the excellent Kitsune Noir asked me to do a bicycle-themed illustration for his Desktop Wallpaper Project. You can download the size of your choice here:

The Desktop Wallpaper Project Featuring Ward Jenkins

One thing I like about wallpapers is using the design as a way to organize your folders. Even though the arrows here are part of the composition behind the girl riding her bike, they also offer the user a chance to group certain folders together, for fun or whatever. For instance, all your folders that feature current projects can go on the bright green arrow, the ones that need immediate attention go on the red arrow, etc.