Son of Abundant Linkage

Some updates and some more links for you all:

Stephanie Gladden has now updated her site. A character artist for Cartoon Network, she also is a very busy comic book artist, creating pages and covers for many publications throughout the years. Take one look at her portfolio and you'll get a good idea of her incredible inking and character design skills. Honestly, she's one of the best inkers I've ever seen (sorry Robert). I had the great opportunity to work with her while she did some freelancing at Click 3X a while back -- I even snagged a couple of her sketches out of the trash bin at the end of the day. Yes, they were that good. Check her site out and give her some love.

Jo Davidovich has updated her site, too, with a nice new layout and colors, as well as recent animation she did for us at Primal Screen. Excellent animator who's just about finished up at SCAD, give Jo some love, too.

I really love polar inertia, a fantastic web magazine like no other. Tons of articles and brilliant photos on varied subjects such as gas stations, airplane hangers, and, interestingly enough, various layouts of parking garages.

Are you curious about the French titled-blog over in my Artblogs section? "Mes vendredis..." (literally, "My Fridays") is the artblog of Denis Goulet, an illustrator with a nice mix of the Shane Glines-style of comics and cool hip 60's aesthetic. He's switched his blog over to a new service now and has been posting some great stuff lately. Check it out HERE. He also has a great website, too.

And thus, while on Goulet's blog, I ran across this link to Jonas Bergstrand. Wow. Some great stuff here! Also with a cool hip 60's style, Jonas's work incorporates more of the Bond aesthetic -- the suave, mod, ladies' man type of illustration. Not sure if I'm making any sense here, but I do love his caricatures of the Sex and The City girls, Marlon Brando (Wild One era), and Steve McQueen (shown at left). Vector work at its best, with a surprising fluidity in his linework. I love how he's able to capture the mid-60's inkline style of illustration in the digital vector format. Hard to do. He's also done some witty animation, too.

Other things:
Chris Harding is one fantastic animator. I mentioned him on Drawn! recently, and I really feel that his style of Flash animation is where it's at. Revel in the brilliance!

Hard to find children's books listed HERE, most notably books by big-time classic designers, Paul Rand and Saul Bass. Me wishes me had mucho monies.

Wanna know where to find the closest Tiki Bar? How about the ambiance of the place? The food? The drinks? Critiki is a "worldwide guide to Tiki Bars and Polynesian Restaurants." Right up your alley, right?

Subversive Art King Gary Baseman has a great website to check out. It takes a while to load, so be patient. I saw him talk in Ottawa last September, and it was definitely an unusual experience. The guy has some great stories about his career and various jobs, especially while working on his Teacher's Pet TV show for Disney. I'll try and post some more about this soon.

Another recent post on Drawn!, I mention Gary Taxali, an illustrator from Canada who uses the printmaking technique to create some very distinguished visuals. He prints and paints on the inside covers of books at times, which I really dig. Nice nice work.

And if you're into movie titles, then this is the site for you: Stephen Hill's Movie Title Screens. Over 3,000 listed. Yes -- OVER 3,000, people. Great resource for old and new titles. He even showcases the different versions of a particular title on VHS, Beta and DVD. (Beta? Man, he must be old....kidding, of course.)

That's it for now. Please visit these nice peoples mentioned here and please tell 'em I sent ya. Coming up: many many images of my most favorite Disney short of all time. Stay tuned! Peace.


  1. thanks, especially enjoying "Polar Inertia", that one's new to me !

  2. Nothin' to be sorry about, junior; Stephanie is certainly a far more polished inker than yours truly. (And a better character designer, cartoonist, etc., etc.)
    I've always seen Steph as the Bob McKimson of our little crowd; and if you've ever seen her at a con draw a character sketch "clean," you know what I mean. Really, it'll make you feel bad about your own art!

  3. great links - thanks! me too, enjoying the "polar inertia" - especially the mexico facades (#12) interesting colors in that one.