One Whole Year

sun, asphalt and bugs

This week marks one year living in Portland. It's wild to think that it's been one whole year. Time certainly has flown by.

In the next couple of days, I plan on uploading more photos of The Big Move from one year ago. Where we traveled from Decatur, Georgia, to Decatur, Illinois. Then from Illinois to Oregon. It was a fantastic trip.


So, yes! I'm back. Things are slowing down for me here at work -- slow enough for me to timidly poke my head back into The Ward-O-Matic. It's been a wild & crazy two months, but the break from the blog was totally worth it. I sorely needed that time to do my thang at work. Even though production is still going strong on this particular job, the biggest hurdles have been thoroughly cleared. For now, at least. You never know in this line of work, though.

Lots has been going on during these past two months. On the home front, I was finally able to break in my dreamy, massive Galant desk from IKEA that's now in place downstairs in my recently-cleaned out basement workspace. And even though the breaking in was for work purposes, hopefully down the road I'll be able use my desk for good, not evil. With the desk finally up and running, I've been doing a bit of decorating, which includes putting up my favorite starburst clock.

The following is what happens when you mix late-night decorating, a mid-century wall clock, and a camera: