Valentines Stuff

While I'm still working on this lengthy (oh boy) post about working on children's books, thought I'd share with you some recent stuff I did for a few friends of mine for Valentines Day. (Click on each to view a bit larger in Flickr.)
First one was a commission for my pals Martin & Carrie Gee for their anniversary. They're both really into sharks and rays (well, who isn't?) and Carrie told me that it would be awesome if I could put their 2 cats in the piece somehow. Done! See below:
Martin & Carrie Gee
The second piece I did for my agent Jennifer Laughran. Each year she sends out a Valentines Day postcard to her friends and colleagues and asked me to illustrate this year's card. I was honored! Plus, I'm a sucker for Valentines Day anyway, especially if beatniks are involved:
Jennifer Laughran Valentines Card On a more personal note, I thought I'd give my own Valentine a special message this year. Click here to see just how much love I gots for my woman. ;)