Ava Thursday: Ava with the Sky and Diamonds

Click on image for a closer lookie-loo.

Sorry for the blatant Beatles nod in the title there, but I just couldn't resist. After all, this is Ava with the sky above her, surrounded by colorful diamonds. She drew this in May of 2004, while she was 3 1/2, so at this point, she was just getting into little details, like carefully choosing each and every color for the diamonds. More details: she's wearing her famous red sparkly shoes, of course, and on the left, Ava told me that that was a house with a triangle on top. To the right, we have, as Ava says, her "old car with ice cream!" The ice cream is red, purple, yellow, blue and black. The sun is out and shining, of course. Can't go without a sun, now, can we? A couple of other smallish details I enjoy are the barrettes in her hair, and the way she drew her nostrils. She was getting into drawing teeth at this time, too, but here she decided not to go that far, I guess. I'll have to find some of those drawings. Very cute stuff.

One more thing: Isn't it interesting how kids draw the sky? Like it's a big blue blanket hovering over the earth. I remember drawing and coloring the sky that way when I was a kid. I also distinctly remember making the conscientious decsion one day to color the sky "all the way down to the ground," as I began to notice that the blue, indeed, went down to the horizon. I love watching Ava's eyes light up when she makes revelations like this. It's fascinating to see your children start to "get" things, to see the world open up to them and they start to really understand.

Anyway, there ya go, guys! Hope your Ava Thursday is a grand one.


  1. oh, ava and those sparkly red shoes. when she outgrew that pair, I just had to buy her another.

    of course, I love this one. I love them all. and as long as you keep doing ava thursdays, I will probably keep responding this very same way. what can I say? I am a proud mama.

  2. Oh, you know I'll keep doing Ava Thursdays, Andrea, and you may respond to every single one -- you know I wouldn't mind. I love it.

    Mom: thank you. What more can I say?

    And Jamie: your blog with your pictures and words rock just as hard. I'm a big fan. Andrea, too.

  3. I think it's hilarious and great that your mother reads and comments on your blog. (But then, why wouldn't she? It's her granddaughter who's stealing the show.)