Wish you were here

Well, not really. It'd be rather crowded, that's for sure.

Having a grand time at the beach, swimming and relaxing out in the ocean, playing and cavorting with the kids, forgetting all about work and not doing one stinkin' drawing at all. I know that that's not very animator-like of me, as I should be drawing as many people around me as possible 'til my arm falls off, but you know what I say about that?


I'm on vacation, so you can just forget about that!

For all you Ava Thursday followers, not to worry, as I'll post a drawing for you all tomorrow. How's that for dedication?

And now I must go back to burying myself up to my neck in the sand....

1 comment:

  1. Hope you're all having a grand time. I am green with envy.
    *sheds tear and turns back towards desk*