Being a son, a husband and a father has given me the opportunity to witness the importance of motherhood from a short distance. Even though I may slip into the background when our daughter scrapes her knee or when our son needs to nurse, I'm not one to be selfish of my children's love. I know how incredibly strong the bonds of motherhood form and I must deeply respect and understand those bonds. Throughout the years, I've been the quiet observer, taking it all in as I've witnessed what it truly means to be a MOTHER -- from my own mom, to my aunts, my grandmothers, my sister, and to my wife and her mother.

Role-playing. Even from an early age, I can still distinctly remember all the different roles my mother took on throughout my formative years: how she became the nurse to our winces and cries while taking my sister and I to the doctor to get our shots; how she became our playmate when we set up forts in the living room; how she became my teacher as she taught me how to read before I went into first grade. She became my best friend throughout my high school years, even as those times were some of her most difficult to endure -- having to raise two kids during a divorce and trying to make a living for the first time in her life. Of course, I didn't make the situation any better when I went through my wild & crazy year, 16 years-old and hell-bent on self-destruction. But she endured. She stuck it out and all was not lost. She became the maternal rock and I was firmly supported by her. I desperately needed her, even though I was screaming at her that I did not. Most importantly, during our high school years, she respected me and my sister's privacy, giving us the distance needed to forge our own identities and dreams. I've already adopted her parenting guidelines as my own model: become your children's best friend so they can respect and confide in you, while at the same time be the rock to support them, even when they think they don't need it. Be fun, be strong. Be witty, be stern. Be there.

Thank you, Mom, for being there for me. Happy Mother's Day.


  1. Ward:
    I don't think you could ever give me a Mother's Day card that would come even close to this one in meaning, emotion, and effect. I'm sitting here at my desk this early Monday morning cryng. But tears of humility and gratitude. The good Lord blessed me with you and I've enjoyed this whole ride - watching you grow in your formative years - with those scrapes and bumps - to the "breaking out from my parents mold" years (teen years) to the college - Where am I going" years - to the struggle in your career years and now, as you have become the person you are - a wonderful son, brother, husband and dad - watching your own children through their ride through life - enjoying every tiny millisecond as you gently push and pull them through their lives. I could not be any more proud than I am now. Thank you for the ride. I love you, son. - Mom

  2. You are a blessed man and your mother is something else! I, too, knew the first time I met her and how she loved Andrea that she was, indeed, someone very special. Her Christian love for all of us is an example that we should learn from and appreciate every day! You definitely have taken traits from her in being such a great parent for Ava and Ezra as you are 'always there' for them as was your mother for you! To this day, she is still there for you and Andrea as well as the kids! What a grandmother! We are blessed!

  3. You indeed are BLESSED! I have often commented to Mandy how happiness is just all over you and Andrea... It is evident in what a conciencious and telented child Ava is! Good on ya!

  4. That's lovely! I also love my mother as she is often regarded as both an angel and a friend to me. Without her, I won't be the person that I am today! Thanks, Mum!

    - Glen!

  5. Well said ward. There's something innate about women in general that is something divine isn't there?

  6. Perhaps the one most significant vision I ever had in my youth was seeing from the moment I met your mom that she was the one to bear and raise my children. I came home that night and went to bed with a wonderful, peaceful feeling, having seen our future before us. And the lightning bolt that God sent down from the heavens to strike the oak tree in the front yard had nothing to do with swaying me in this direction.