Ava Thursday: Sparkly Shoes

Another fun drawing by Ava, my 4 1/2 year-old daughter, drawn last June. This is her with "sparkly shoes." Now, who doesn't enjoy a moment with some nice, red, sparkly shoes?

It's interesting to see how much she's progressed artistically since then. In fact, it's even more interesting to see her development from June to October of last year (see last week's drawing). Going from stick arms to arms with volume was probably a big transition.

I'm thinking about doing an Ava Thursday where we see her progression from her earliest drawings on up to very recent. That'll be pretty interesting, don't you think?


  1. That's a great idea. I see also that she is starting to find the correct proportions for a figure. That's sort of a big deal. I only hope that she doesn't get all the artistic ability and creativity sucked out of her before she is in high school!

  2. A budding animator in the works. Nice color sense, too

  3. Show the progression! Ava Thursday isn't just for looking at cool kid artwork, it's going to be interesting to see the complexity and style in her work change from week to week.

  4. I would very much like to see the progression of her artwork. In all honesty, I visit the blog because of Ava Thursdays.

  5. OH! Please do! I am enthralled with Ava's drawings.

  6. I love Ava Thursday's! And I love sparkly red shoes! What a great combination!

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  8. Ava's a Wizard of Oz fan isn't she?, because they reminded me of Dorothy's ruby slippers, I want a pair now hehe.

  9. hi Ward Jenkins,

    It was nice visiting your blogs pot.

    The most intersting thing which caught my attention was
    your daughter ava thursday spakly shoes.
    its been the first time that i have visited such a site and
    i was entralled by your feeling how you reinvent kids drawing from a totally diff point of view.
    otherwise what happens is that usually we do not get into such nittygritys and just
    give the kid a paper and a pen and at the most if it is a good one we just show to only the family members.

    it seems you are quiet attached to your kid do snip a photograph of your kid it will be nice too




  10. I remember sparkly shoes!! Who could forget???

  11. I came across this site quite accidentally, I was looking for some sparkly shoes for my Christmas party, I just wanted to say I think Ava's drawings are lovely, it made me smile!