Sketch of Ava

Just thought I'd share a sketch I did of Ava back in December of 2004, not long after she had her long-awaited haircut. We had let it grow out since she had been born, with a few minor trims here and there. This was a major hair cut, with bangs. Big deal for her. She was happy with it.


  1. Finally, a stand-alone sketch of Ava and personally, I like it very, very much! I've always loved to see the innocent, cartoon version of her and it's great to see it in her entirety (though she looks a bit taller and slightly more mature than her current appearance that I saw in previous photos. I dunno, it must be my senses.)!

    - Glen!

  2. Hey! That's happy! Very cool illustration.

  3. your sketches of ava always catch me off guard-- in that you have such an amazing way of capturing her. I love that girl.