Garden of children

Well, Ava's first day of kindergarten was today. It was a moving morning for Andrea and I as we stood there in the front of Ava's new school, watching and waving at our big girl as she stood in her class line, getting ready to walk into the building. The event was well documented -- be assured of that. Oh, and I'm sure one of us will post photos of Ava-girl with her pink high-top Chuck Taylor's, pink and orange dress (with a neato flower that has petals that you can actually touch and feel), and Hello Kitty backpack and lunchbox, standing there in front of the school, with her usual stoic gaze. It's funny how this girl of ours could be so giddy and vibrant just 10 minutes earlier while at home, but quietly becomes this tender statue in front of other potential classmates. At times it seems she has this persona of a 20 year-old muse caught in the body of a 5 year-old kindergartener.

In big family moments like this, I don't get that emotional. I do when I look back on it, in retrospect (like now), but as it's happening, I'm more excited for Ava than anything else. This is a new chapter in her life -- a new stage! Oh! just thinking about all the new things she'll get to experience and learn, racing home to tell us all about it, showing us all the new creations she made during her eventful day makes my heart floopy. I loved learning when I was in school, and now I can't wait to see Ava get just as excited as I once did. I was talking to my mom about this, and she said that she was the exact same way about my sister and I going to school for the first time. She was more excited for us learning new things than being sad about us being gone during the day. (Of course she was excited -- she was getting rid of us finally!)

Funny how cyclical life is, isn't it?


  1. Yes it is! Congrats to Ava and her proud parents on this big day. You'll have to let us know how it goes for her.

  2. Hey Ward! Yes, this is one of those "milestone" moments - first word, last bottle, last diaper, first day of kindergarten.

    For me, I am approaching the dreaded first kiss, first date, etc. Kris is now 14 (but in 10th grade - she skipped a grade), so we're approaching all of those dreaded firsts as a dad.

    So, enjoy Ava now, before she figures out that boys don't have cooties after all. ;)

    BTW, great blog Ward!

    --Rock (your cousin :) )

  3. Wow, Ava is stepping on a new frontier. I hope she doesn't end up like me when I was a little kid: my behavior at that time was considered one of the most notorious in kindergarten history!

    Wish her luck!

    - Glen!

  4. thanks for holding my hand through this... can you believe our ava-girl is in kindergarten? really, I'm still in a state of disbelief.

  5. I got all teary eyed just reading your post. Our 3 year old has her first day of pre-school coming up on 8/30. I just hope I don't make a blubbering fool of myself!
    Good luck to all of you and I hope Ava is enjoying the wonderful freedom to learn and explore!

  6. I still remember my first day too. You are right on the cyclical thing. Owen is only 15 mos. but i know Kindergarten will come in a flash. Wow. Congrats!

  7. Lydia, my eldest, will begin kindergarten in a few weeks. We're getting ready for some proud grins and misty eyes as well.

    Congrats and best wishes.

  8. Rocky? Whoa, now! That's wild you found me here. Of course with you being so involved with computers and the internet, I guess you had no choice. Thanks for visiting my blog and hope to keep in contact with you! We definitely need to keep in touch.