ASIFA-Atlanta Meeting Tonight

This is a reminder for all you artists, animators, and lovers of animation who live in the Atlanta area that ASIFA-Atlanta will be having a meeting tonight, August 10th, 7PM at Primal Screen. After the passing of our president and dear friend, Lou Hertz, several of us got together and decided that part of Lou's legacy was to keep the Atlanta chapter a thriving part of the animation scene here in town.

Topics to be discussed will include upcoming screenings, memberships, volunteering, and general brainstorming. If you have good ideas, bring them. The continuation of this fine organization was of the utmost importance to Louie, and we are hoping that this meeting will be the impetus for creating a strong, healthy chapter devoted to the love of animation.

Primal Screen is located at 550 Ralph McGill Blvd, Atlanta, GA. For directions, please visit Primal's website at www.primalscreen.com, or call 404.874.7200.

For any other questions and suggestions, feel free to email me.

Hope to see you there!

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