Crazy week and ASIFA-Atlanta shtuff

Working late again last night. This week's gonna be a doozy. So it goes in the broadcast animation arena, huh? I'll try and get some cool stuff posted later on this week, but for now, my time spent on The Ward-O-Matic will be sparce. Sorry.

I do want to say that I've talked with several folks about keeping the flame afire for the Atlanta chapter of ASIFA. After Lou's passing, things have been hectic in trying to get this organization back up and running, and I believe that the future looks bright. We're in the process of getting a meeting set up, to let people in on what's going down, etc. Once we nail down a date and venue for the meeting, I'll let you all know right away.

ASIFA is a great international, non-profit organization that is all about the support and appreciation for anything animation-related. It's not just for animators, but for anyone who loves the art-form. If you know of an ASIFA chapter in your town, be sure to check out their screenings, and perhaps volunteer. It's a fun group of people. You can find out if there's a chapter in your city at the official ASIFA site.

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