Ava Thursday: Ava adds her touch

Sorry this is very late in getting this up today. I do apologize for the wait.

Earlier this week I had Ava and Ezra hang out with me at my work after hours. I love it when I have them there at Primal, as they get to play with all the toys I have set out for them on one of my shelves. Ava will go into some of my co-workers' cubicles and grab some toys and figures and then come back to create one of her famous set-ups. Mostly, though, she likes to sit at my desk and draw. So I'll prop her up on my chair, grab some paper, some colored pencils and let her do her thang.

I didn't even see this until today, two days later. I laughed out loud. Made my day. This is one of the character poses on a model sheet for Grandma Thora from PBS's Arthur. I was animating her on this mad crazy job (the one that I had to pull several all-nighters), and so I had all these model sheets of her all taped up on my desk. Ava decided to add her special touch to this particular pose here, of Grandma Thora reading. Notice that Ava added nails to Thora, drew a nice cover for the book she's reading and, my favorite, drew a little girl sitting at her feet, politely listening to the story being read, with her hands in front of her, as if they were in her lap. I thought it was Ava herself, sitting there, but Ava said it was just "some girl."

Oh, and it looks like she gave Grandma Thora a nose-job, too. Nice touch.


  1. It's so darn hilarious! Bwa ha ha! I never expect Ava to draw something simple and yet so subtly funny that even adults can enjoy it thoroughly!

    - Glen!

  2. LOL i used to watch that show.

  3. this is fantastic, ward, i love it. the additions make that lame drawing really come alive! i esp. like that nose correction...

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  4. Hilarious. I like the contrast of sweet and grandmotherly witht the sort of threatening sharp nails.

  5. Super great! It adds a lot much to a boring character design. Have her touch up more!

  6. Though one wouldn't be able to tell from my previous post, I really can speak English... I swear...

  7. the nails and the nose, too funny!