Third shift

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Because of tight deadlines and a towering stack of scenes that desperately need animating, I've been pulling allnighters recently. And I just have to say this: I'm getting too old for this ish. I used to be able to pull allnighters with nary a thought, going far into the early hours, and not have it affect me too much the following day. But nowadays, it's not the same. I have to work out a sleeping schedule to offset the fatigue that will surely knock me over while flipping animation paper during the dead zone of the afternoon. That's when it hits me: an hour or two after lunch when my body wants to rest after a good meal. So, I'm doing my best, but it's not like it used to be, that's for sure.

A couple of things: I'm currently working on a new Abundant Linkage, so expect that to be up sometime tomorrow. I've been putting off some movie reviews, and I have no idea why. But I do want to talk about some movies while they are still in the theaters, before they head to DVD. Sheesh. Once I get through these deadlines, I'll be able to focus on more thought-provoking articles that you're so accustomed to when you visit The Ward-O-Matic. (Whatever, right?)


  1. Good luck with it all, hope you don't affect your body too much. Sleep depravity (something I've been used to by pulling all-nighters as well) is hard. Hopefully you're sneaking a few naps in between jobs!

  2. Dude.
    You are getting old.
    Face the facts.
    You are no longer a wee boy.
    Get some sleep.

    Isn't it amazing that both you and your wife are writing about the same thing recently ... staying up late, no sleep. Being a night owl.

    You guys were so freakin' made for each other.

    I mean that in a good way.

  3. Slim, it's odd, because we both want to watch our shows and check out links on the internet and since we both are night owls we keep each other up later than if we were alone. Like, "Hey, she's still up, so I'll stay up, too!" But with the working all night thing...bleech. I'm beginning to hate that aspect of my job. I used to enjoy it to a certain degree, because I get more done at night, than if I worked during the day, but now, because it's getting harder for me to do such things, me no likeies.

    Thanks, Chad for your concern. I do try to get some naps in here and there. I try, at least. And I wanted to tell you that you guys did a great job honoring the great Joe Ranft at Luxo. Excellent site. Keep it up!

  4. Ah, the all-nighter. I remember Mike Schultze remarking back in the day that he had no problem handling ONE, but after the second in a row his disposition began to sour and by the third all-nighter, well, the creative flow just ain't what it was. That's what's always amazes me about the sleep deprivation bit; after just one sleepless night, your output either drops in quality or quantity (or both) enough that you're better off sleeping for a few hours. Try telling that to a producer. Makes 'em laugh. Then they go home to bed.

  5. awesome sketch...and with a little shakespeare nonetheless :) hope you get some sleep soon!!

  6. I couldn't pull all-nighters even as a teenager. -_-

  7. coffee my dear coffee is what keeps us all alive!

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  8. Two words:

    RED BULL :)

    Good luck!

  9. Robert, I knew that this would be your area of expertise. That's exactly what was happening to me. The other night I almost fell out of my chair from nodding off. The sketch is not too far off.

    And bridget, I found that coffee was my saving grace for these past couple of days. I don't normally drink the stuff -- I like it, but I don't drink it regularly. But it definitely helped!

    Rock, I'll have to check that stuff out. I hear it does it's job.

    Thanks, guys!

  10. it just physically hurts me to see you work like this through the night, night after night. it really is part of the job, I understand that. it's just, I want to take care of you, you are so exhausted these days, love. and isn't it funny how the night you decided to go to bed is the one night I decided to pull an all-nighter? I swear that wasn't planned.

    here's to the successful end of this project and some much-needed leisure time and S-L-E-E-P.

  11. I'm 25 and I still can't pull what you're able to achieve...allnighters. So don't feel so bad. Anywayz,sleep deprivation is a slow killer for the body, so dun feel guilty when you really need to catch up on your winks.