The Retro Kid

Well, the secret's out. I was going to post about my new Flickr group, The Retro Kid some time next week, but John, my cohort in crime over at Drawn! went ahead and posted something about it today. No biggie, though! As I'm more than happy to let everyone know what this group is all about.

The Retro Kid is a Flickr group that I started up that focuses on children's book illustrations from the mid-40's through the the mid-60's, as that is one of my favorite eras for that sort of thing. But I don't want to limit it to just books, as I'm open to seeing anything that was illustrated for kids, such as textbooks, booklets, pamphlets, albums, 45's, ads, games, toys, etc. As long as it has that mid-century modern stylized look with the characters and colors, I'm down with it. Oh, and if it looks cool. Yeah. Cool.

In the description for the group, I mention some illustrators as examples that I dig -- Aurelius Battaglia, JP Miller, Art Seiden, The Provensens, Mary Blair, M. Sasek, and many more with similar styles. They were a prolific bunch, and I feel that there is not enough out there on the web about these incredibly talented artists to really get a sense of how influential they were. Thus, The Retro Kid was born. Hopefully this group will give exposure to these fantastic artists, and give credit where credit is due.

And now, I'm excited (and fascinated) to see what others have in their collection! So, dust off that stack of old books way back in the corner of your closet -- you remember the ones, right? With the ultra-cool drawings? -- and get 'em scanned and uploaded. We'd love to see what you got!

UPDATE: Yikes! I've been mentioned on Boing Boing! I've created a monster....


  1. this is going to be fun to watch grow - already there is so much great stuff. i am looking forward to learning more about illustrators through this! thanks. (and also thanks for the link - very cool!)

  2. This is going to be great! One of my favorite pasttimes is going to bookstores and digging for this kind of stuff. I always wanted to share my finds somehow and you just created the perfect forum. Now I just have to find the time to scan it all...

  3. AWESOME, dude. I bookmarked it when I saw it on DRAWN! and it's great. :D

  4. I have a question. Do you have to join flickr to post illustrations? I have several books that are as old as I am (ancient), but I'm not sure how flickr works. Cate

  5. looks cool.
    great stuff so far

  6. Holy moly, ward!! I was home this weekend and started scanning in pics from a few of the books in my collection...then I log on to Drawn! and find out about this group...amazing! Thanks so much for getting this thing off the ground. (I plan on posting stuff on my blog and on the flickr group.) What fun.

  7. Wow, I'd love to show some old comic stuff from Malaysia (I dunno if I have some from the 60s but mostly are from 70s-90s) so it'll be great to see how Malaysian artists of ancient times used to draw before shifting to anime format(which I have never liked ever since).

    - Glen!