I had an interesting weekend. I might go into more detail later, but just thought I'd tell you that I'm sick, down with a crappy cold. No fun. Stayed home Monday from work. And I think I've passed it on to my family. Yippee.


  1. I bet it's those silly all-nighters you had to pull recently. That stuff gets HARD when you get to be our age. I can't do them anywhere near as much as I used to without my body engaging in a full on mutiny. Ahhh the joys of getting old. :) Get well soon!


  2. ah, once you pass it on to the family being sick becomes especially fun. round and round we go where it stops... feel better ward and co.

  3. Hey ... will you sneeze on my please? I would like a day or so off of work FOR GOOD REASON. I can't seem to muster any germs, any bacteria. I walk around touching publicly infected things (i.e. doorknobs, railings, windows, old cigarette butts on the ground, coke cans in the receptacles, spoons left next to the coffee maker at work, abandoned furniture at the roadside, distracted strangers, uneaten food left at table before busser cleans it away, coinage, towels in the hamper at the gym, water fountains, ducks, salad bar sneeze guards, etc), and I can't seem to make them stick.
    What's your secret?