Five Years at Primal

Oh hey -- I forgot to mention that yesterday marked five years that I've been at Primal Screen. Funny how time flies by. It was five years ago in June when I was happily working at Click 3X, and I get this strange call from Steve Mank from out of the blue. Steve's the music guy at Primal. Steve and I had known each other for several years, as Steve would host ASIFA parties at his loft apartment. When I answered the phone, I knew that he was not wanting to 'just chat.' We set up a luncheon time and met the following week.

At our super-secret luncheon, Steve then proceeded to tell me that there's a position open for an animation director at Primal. It became available when one of their directors suddenly went off to San Fran, to do this own thang. I was stunned. I mean, I've been dying to do some directing for quite some time, but I always figured it would eventually be at Click, and Click alone. I told him I'd think about it.

Andrea and I mull over the pros and cons for a few days, as we were expecting a baby that July. I didn't want to change our life around so much, especially not at such a critical time during Andrea's pregnancy. The new job would mean more money, which definitely would help our situation, allowing Andrea to stay at home and take care of the baby. (Which is what we were wanting to do, but unsure of, if I had stayed at Click.) I talk with some close friends about my new dilemma and they give me their opinions.

To make a long story short (it's hard for me, I know), I decided to take the job. More money with a chance to finally direct! I was ecstatic. So, before I offically start at Primal, I do a week of freelance work, as there was this major job for PBS Kids that came in at that time. I worked on a Monday and Tuesday, and then Tuesday night, Andrea's water broke. Our baby was on its way! We give birth to Ava Jenkins on Wednesday, July 26th, 2000. My freelance gig at Primal had to be put on hold. But my time away from my new job lasted only for a short while. Ava was born on a Wednesday, my offical first day at Primal was the following Tuesday. I didn't even have a full week to adapt to the new lifestyle, and to help out around the home. Because of how we timed out my two-week notice leaving Click, and with Ava being six days late, all this made for a very difficult adaptation period. We were hoping to have that two weeks between jobs to give us a good amount of family time. But sometimes things don't work out like the way you want them to.

Oh and if any of you guys out there are thinking about having your first baby right at the same time you start your big new job, I DO NOT recommend it. Unless you enjoy no-sleep nights coupled with tighter deadlines and more responsibilites. Go for it, then.

So, here we are, five years later, and I've been having the time of my life. Primal's treated me well, and Ava is growing like a weed. It's funny to think that when I see Ava, she's the personification of how long I've been at Primal. I'm still a five year-old girl when it comes to directing animation, I guess.

Pass me the crayons. Pink and red ones, please.


  1. Congrats to you and an Andrea on your two cute kids and your five years on the job! ...and yes, you are a girl.


  2. *Sweet Smile!*

    Yep, it's pretty wise not to have two anticipated events at a single time! I'll heed this advise inside my mind!

    - Glen!

  3. can't believe it's been five years already... congrats on half a decade of hard work.

  4. Why thank you, guys. I can't wait to see what's in store for me the next five....

    And Andrea, yes -- hard work, indeed.

  5. HEY!?! I'm the guy that went off to San Fran. Looks like I left just in time for some magic to happen for others. I didn't know all that was going on in your life during that time. It's weird the way things work out for a reason. I think we had meet for the first time @ Mank's apartment a month or two before I decided to leave Primal. 3 months after I left, I found out I was expecting a baby. It's like we are a part of some bizarre alternate universe. lol. Congrats!

  6. Sacks! Nice to see you up in here. That is pretty cool how our lives have intertwined that way, man. I've always dug your style and your work -- It's good to see that you're doing your thang up in Cleveland, now. Thanks for stopping by my lowly blog.

    Keep in touch, I'd love to see what that incredibly talented mind of yours has concocted up lately.