Year End Sketchdump

Thought I'd end the great year of 2006 with a nice sketchdump, dumping a pile of sketches that have been hanging around in my harddrive onto you guys. Some are recent, but most are from several months back, as you can see. I just finished up this sketchbook -- starting 2007 with a nice clean slate, both literally and figuratively. My plan is to get two for the year: another cheapo one for pencil sketches and a Moleskine for some goauche/watercolor conceptual sketches. I've got something exciting planned and I want to start the year off just right.

To start off, here's some rough sketches of my boy Ezra I drew from a couple of photobooth pics:
sketchdump: rough ezra sketches

Just some dudes:
sketchdump: some dudes

sketchdump: some dude

Ohhh, I don't know what I was thinking here. I was waiting for Andrea as she was in a store and I happened to notice a strange sight in the storefront right in front of me: an outfit with some dark pants on a mannequin. Only the pants legs looked like a pirate's face. Don't ask me why, it just did. So I had to draw it. This then lead me onto a strange tangent of drawing woman as hats. It didn't last long:
sketchdump: women as hats 1

sketchdump: women as hats 2

sketchdump: time out

What am I waiting for? You'll find out soon enough....
sketchdump: patiently waiting...

I saw this tall, lanky girl standing at a busstop after dropping Ava off at school. She wasn't alone, but looked lonely:
sketchdump: girl at busstop

Some people:
sketchdump: more people

Like a good boy, I go to church. Sometimes I draw while listening to the sermon. Is that bad?
sketchdump: at church

Just trying some stuff out:
sketchdump: two guys

sketchdump: people

Believe it or not, I can draw all gesture-y when the time calls for it. Afterall, I am an animator -- it's in my blood. Here are some pages of two of my favorite subjects (besides my wife), Ava and Ezra:
sketchdump: ezra
sketchdump: ava

Did some sketches while at a local coffeeshop (how very 90's of me) on the one rare occasion we got to go out sans kids:
sketchdump: at javamonkey

So there ya go. Have a great New Years Day, people. And don't worry about me -- there'll be plenty of ham, collard greens and black-eyed peas on my plate, that's for sure.

Oh, and one more thing: thank you all for making 2006 such a great year for me here at The Ward-O-Matic. Many thanks for all the great comments, conversations, and connections I've made throughout the year. It's been a wild ride; looking forward to seeing what kind of year 2007 will be. Based on what I know so far, it'll be a doozy.

Happy New Year!


  1. These are incredible! I love seeing your drawings! You are SOOOOOOoooo talented. ( I'm sure I'm stating the obvious!) Happy New Year to you Andrea and the sweet creative barbie and buzz loving kids!

  2. It's nice to see your year in sketches, that's better than flickr.

    Happy 2007!

  3. Ward-O!!
    Stumbled upon your blog just yesterday. Love and miss you -- but gotta tell ya, I'm inspired by your love's blog! She makes me miss the old me and wonder why the hell I never discovered her when we were in college! Love to see more pics of your precious fam and catch up if time allows. I'm so proud of you. -- For an entire spectrum of reasons!
    Wishing you a year of abundant joy,
    Laura (Wright)P.S. -- Smell your hand!

  4. "Women as Hats"? Certainly better than your last series, "Women as Socks." :-)

  5. always an inspiration and i never get here enough! happy new year!

  6. Ward, I love those beauties of Ezra! So nice. And the Women ad hats! Gave me a good chuckle. God bless your fam! Miss you guys!

  7. Wow!!! Ward, these are fantastic!! :D

  8. Happy New Year for all and I love the Women as hats! I want one :)

  9. All those were great, I especially liked the sketch of the lonely girl; makes me wanna draw more...nah, I'd just rather smoke, drink and teach James more curse words when his Mommy's outta earshot. You're a good artist, Charlie Brown.

  10. happy 2007!
    thanks for the sketches!
    the mannequin + lady hats remind me of topsy turvy dolls, kind of

  11. I ALWAYS draw during the sermons! Really, it's the only way I can pay attention... I have ADD REAAAAL BAAAAD. Nice to be back checking out the ward-o-matic!!