More Provensens


Speaking of Alice & Martin Provensen -- Troy Oxford, a fellow Retro Kiddo, has posted some beautiful illustrations from The Golden Bible New Testament, illustrated by Alice & Martin Provensen, published in 1953. The illustrations are not as stylized and experimental as their later work, but the colors and compositions are just as strong. By the end of the decade it looked like the couple were experimenting more with less line, stronger sense of form and shapes. But even here with the New Testament, you can see that they were already painting characters in their signature flat, stylized medieval-era look. This look transpires successfully here in this book as well as on The First Noel because of the subject matter. It's as if the Provensens updated those illuminated manuscripts from that era and brought them into the 20th century.



  1. It's beautiful work. I like how it is illustration with a fine art element to it.

  2. What a treat to see the beautiful illustrations from The First Noel. Thank you; and thank you for your inspiring blog! I've loved the Provensens' books since my mother gave me their Giant Golden Mother Goose when I was six (about 100 years ago). Happy New Year to you and your family!

  3. uggg... amazing... simple and magestic.

  4. These are really neat. This maybe a bit off the subject, but what would you consider as the "best of the best" Little Golden Books? Is it the ones on Flickr? Are they still available?