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Fallout Shelter Handbook: CoverI finally got around to scanning some more of that incredibly popular Fallout Shelter Handbook from 1962 I posted about several weeks ago. I figured that it probably wouldn't hurt to scan more -- it offered me the chance to really check out some of the photos. Interesting stuff going on. The nature of some of the following scans require a closer look; if you click on each image you will be taken to its prospective Flickr page. Once there, select "All sizes," to view larger. (The same goes for the earlier post.)

For your convenience, I've now compiled all the scans from both posts into a neat little photoset for everyone to enjoy: 1962 Fallout Shelter Handbook.

Fallout Shelter Handbook contents

Here's the table of contents for the Fallout Shelter Handbook by Chuck West. Starting it all off with a bang, I guess.

Note the double American flag display -- no guessing whose side this guy is on.

Various equipment

Build a Shelter Now

Radioactive debris decay rate

Throughout most of this book, it is stated that the average time a family will have to live in a shelter after an atomic attack is two weeks. Here's why.

Chicks doing it for themselves

This is a great page. I love how the women are building a shelter with their shades on -- always in style, even with impending atomic doom just around the corner. And yeah, "Raybestos" probably sounded like a good idea at the time.

Underground shelter

Potty room

To add to the potty images from the previous post, here's some actual potty rooms. Notice how the editor leaves a subtle snide remark to the old man's potty there on the bottom left -- "Below is an interesting innovation." (Read: "Below is the worst idea for a toilet in a fallout shelter. EVER.")

Keeping occupied


Entertainment section

The Shelter-Cycle

The Shelter-Cycle. I love this shot. Something about husband standing there, holding baby while wife gets a workout and generates electricity at the same time.

Fallout shelter ad

Jet Beds ad

Again, if you wish to view the images closer, click on each image and then click "All sizes."

Be sure to check out the entire set HERE.


  1. Thanks for posting these. I love looking at old booklets like this for inspiration for story ideas.

  2. pls pls pls, can you scan it all ?:)
    i'm not the only one with this request, please! :)

  3. No, you're not the only one who would love to see all these. (In my case, I acutally owned this book as a kid, so it's a "walk down memory lane" for me.

    Please, I'd love to see more, too.


  4. Ward,

    The good old days! Wow.

    Would you mind if I used the book cover image in my blog? My blog is totally different from yours, but the image fits. I'm going to assume you won't mind, but will remove the image at your request. Okay?


  5. Awesome, Ward, I love this stuff. Thanks for sharing! I'd like to join the other in their plea for more scans, by the way. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

  6. Привет из Росси!
    Hello from Russia!

    Очень приятно посмотреть "Fallout Shelter Handbook" Это история холодной войны в картинках.
    Спасибо вам за отличную идею выложить эту книгу на всеобщее обозрение.

  7. Aloha from Iceland.
    I am in the process of collecting different bombshelter / fallout protection manuals and I would be very happy if you could scan the whole booklet and post it. It would be amazing.

    Thanks in advance... Blaldur

  8. thank you for sharing this with the world. We have an underground shelter just like this in the backyard of a "new" 1950's house we just purchased. it looks like the same plan in this pamphlet. No one has had the nerve to go down in it yet!!!

  9. Can you scan the entire handbook?