Getting all Christmas-y

We finally got the lights up on our tree tonight. Beautiful, I tell ya. Simply beautiful. With the passing of this monumental hallmark, I will present to you some Christmas-y ads and illustrations from the December 1957 issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine. I will post more throughout the week, so be sure to stop by later on...

The following ad for Diamond Walnuts is amazing. Even though there's no mention of illustrator, I want to make an educated guess and say that it's probably children's book illustrator JP Miller:
Diamond Walnuts ad
(Click here to take in all the colorful details.)

Nice sponge work on this tree:
Christmas Trees: Care and safety

Nothing says "Christmas" like Disney characters and...uh, aluminum?
Reynolds Aluminum & Disney ad

At first glance, I thought that this was a big, two-page advertisement for tables, but realized that there was no mention of company and/or logo. It's just a spread on tables, that's all:
Tiny tables make busy benches

Here's a closer look at the illustrations:
Close up of table spread: left

Close up of table spread: right


  1. LUV-ly!

    I think those guys in the illustrations are a bit "light in the loafers", don't you agree?