Ava's Christmas List

Ava's Christmas List
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Here's Ava's Christmas List. Like I mentioned before, it looks like it'll be a Barbie Christmas, huh? Well, I guess that's better than a My Little Pony Christmas which what it was looking like before she recieved some Barbie lip gloss from cousin Kristy about a week ago. Immediately she went and wrote up an entirely new Christmas list, featuring Barbie items.

The kiddos got to visit Santa earlier this week. We've been going to the same one since Ava was 6 months old. You should see all the "with Santa" pics together -- it's fascinating to see the progression of our little ones throughout the years. Kinda wish that my parents did that, but for some reason my sis and I never participated in this tradition. Our tradition consisted of Mom and Dad dropping us off at Oma and Opa's for an evening while they "go talk to Santa" -- meaning, go buy our gifts all at once. I remember thinking, "But why do you get to talk to Santa? Why can't Amy and I?" I never understood the logic behind that. But since Christmas was looming, I dared not go against the parental units for fear of Santa retribution -- the dreaded coal in the stocking or a bunch of switches.

So, yes -- Ava finally got to read from the above list of what she wanted to the Jolly One the other day. She was very shy and timid about it, almost whispering the items. After all the photo- and video-taking, Ava jumped off Santa's lap and then handed the list to him. I kindly asked for it back when she wasn't looking (I mean, c'mon -- the dude had a pile of lists next to his chair that I know would see File 13 once he hit the breakroom). I couldn't help it -- it's a great momento for Christmas 2006.

What it says:

My List

A Barbie Doll
A Barbie Book that comes with make up
A Barbie Styling head
A Barbie house
The Easy Bake Oven
A Barbie DVD
A Barbie Coloring Book
A Barbie Book that comes with a bracelet

If you look closely just under the Easy Bake Oven line, you can barely make out "Ezra's List," which consisted mostly of "Buzz doll," "Buzz DVD," etc. Ava wrote it up for her brother because she realized that he wouldn't have a list to give Santa. Very sweet. Yeah, well, it didn't last long. The following day, she erased all his stuff and added onto her list. Ahh, the true meaning of Christmas.

What's on Andrea's list? She's really gotten into photography this year with the advent of owning a digital camera, so she's expressed some interest in various photography books, etc. My list consists of the usual artsy/designy/animationy books and DVD's -- you know the deal.


  1. Hey Ward!
    I haven't been by in awhile - crazy busy at home and work. But, I wanted to drop by and tell you and your family to have an exceptional Christmas and a fantastic new year. I am very, very proud of you Ward, and I brag on you quite a bit to all my friends. You are a superstar, both personally and professionally.

    Hopefully we can connect over the holidays sometime - I would love to see you and the family again!

    So, keep doing a great job with those kids, and keep that wife of yours happy - she "completes you" :)

    I love you, dude. Talk to you soon.

    (Ward's computer geek cousin)

  2. Rocky! Thanks for all the kind words, dear cuz. I feel the same way about you -- you are definitely a superstar with what you do. Best wishes for this holiday season -- we plan on making it for Snake & Candy's this year. Let's do connect -- and have the kiddos run around all willy nilly. That'll be fun to watch.

    Best wishes for your family!

  3. I love it! You guys amaze me! Merry Christmas!

  4. yay barbie!
    (that reminds me to scan our 1963 book about barbie's sister skipper to your flickr pool)
    there are sooooo many barbies to choose from, you might want to give her a special "certificate" good for adopting her favorite barbie.
    i love our rollerskating barbie. she has a battery in her thigh + really skates.

  5. This reminds me of Christmas 1974 when I asked Santa for a Barbie Townhouse and I ran out to the den Christmas morning and found a partially assembled townhouse with a nice handwritten note from Santa explaining that he and his elves had experienced some trouble assembling the townhouse and had needed to move on to other houses to deliver gifts and that my dad would finish the job in the morning. He did, but I never got over feeling this slight disappointment in Santa.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday and a great year in 2007.

    PS: If you drive down Glen Iris you will see that I am finally going vertical! About time!

  6. Thank you so much for posting Ava's works. They are such a joy and a wonder.
    My daughter, now 21, wrote and drew very similar things. Since she was an only child, I have quite a few keepsakes. I should scan them I guess, as some are fading. It's like looking through a magic glass that brings all the intense feelings of childhood back.
    I haven't been by much lately either (since my rapture over Toot, Plunk, Whistle, Boom) but now I have Bloglines so I won't be missing out :)