Ava Thursday: Teacher Appreciation Cards

Ava Thursday: Ms. Sanders card cover

This week was Teacher Appreciation Week and Ava made cards for her teachers, Ms. Sanders and Ms. Barns. Ms Sanders' card is red and on the cover it shows Ava chasing after her teacher (who happens to be a "teacher fairy"), yelling "Stop I want to thank you!" Ms Sanders has glitter from head to toe -- gotta love that. There's some great poses here, with nice expressive faces. Here's a close-up:
Ava Thursday: Ms. Sanders cover close-up

Ava Thursday: Ms. Sanders card
It says "You are the best teacher ever," on the card there. Don't you just love the way Ava phoenetically spells out her words? I certainly do. On the right, you can't really see it clearly, but it says "From Ava" in nice frilly cursive lettering. (Are they already starting with cursive this early?) I really love the way she drew the entire scene with the card on the left page connected to the present on the right. And the frilly cursive letters add that extra special touch.

Ava Thursday: Ms. Barns card cover
Ms. Barnes' card is blue and features on the cover a girl who is dreaming that her teacher is beautiful. That's the girl with her teacher up in the dream, with lots of glitter (the x's).

Ava Thursday: Ms. Barns card
"You are the best teacher." On the right, there's a nice glittery flower pot with a flower that has the words "You are pretty," on it. Awww, how sweet.

Here's to all you teachers out there: THANK YOU! We are very appreciative for what you do for our children. Thank you for your patience and hard work in helping our kids learn and grow. Words cannot express just how thankful we are!

Have a great weekend! Don't go too crazy with all the Christmas shopping. In the meantime, I plan on posting some fun vintage stuff from my collection soon. Stay tuned.

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  1. Her progress constantly amazes me, man. You've got a true talent on your hands.