Ava Thursday: Small BarBie.

Ava Thursday: Small BarBie.
You can't tell from this shot, but this drawing by Ava of a big hand grabbing for a small Barbie doll is pretty large -- poster-size, actually. She drew it last Friday at school for "Fun Fridays," where the kids get to do whatever they want at the end of the day, as long as it's fun!

Things I like about this drawing:

The period at the end of "BarBie." So serious.
The expressive grasping of the huge hand. Struck me as very Tim Biskup-like.
The wide-eyed look on Barbie.
Other little things like: the "BarBie" written on the bracelet, the hand's fingernails, Barbie's shoes and purse.

That odd shape out in left field is a tree. One of Ava's classmates told her to draw it there. She was all "whatever" about the tree when I asked her about it. Like she knows it doesn't really go there, but can't do anything about it, so please don't ask me again, dad. It did seem a little strange to me. Just some tree out in the middle of nowhere.

Can you tell what she's thinking about for Christmas? Yes, it's going to be a Barbie Christmas, people. Can't wait.

Oh, speaking of which, I scanned her Christmas list that she gave to Santa earlier this week. Expect to see that hopefully later on today (okay, tonight).


  1. She's such a cool kid! This one made me smile.

  2. this one is excellent, the layout, the shapes, really great!

    marry christmas to you and ava. it's a nice experiment for us illustrators to see how a little creative girl style evolves with time.

  3. I love Ava's drawings. Barbie looks a bit terrified in this one, with the giant hand coming in to grab her. Reminds me of Land of the Giants. :)

    Happy Christmas

  4. Wow. That kid has some serious talent. But you already knew that.

  5. he he, It seems she's had her first experience with an "art director".

  6. This one of my favourite things on the whole damn interweb. Or anywhere, in fact. Say what you like about pornography, but for me the World Wide Web in particular was MADE for the distribution of images such as this. It's so… Incomprehensibly powerful. It has the sense of movement and feeling of Aubrey Beardsley's best drawings, though significantly less subtle than them. My brother has drawn some things I'm amazed by as well – that felt-tip pen drawing of two cats in particular, but this just takes the metaphorical biscuit (I'd give you both a real one, if it was physically feasible without it going off or getting squished in transit). Going on your children's drawings, and those of my siblings and other children I've known – it certainly seems that boys tend to draw more imaginative things, while girls tend to draw things in more imaginative ways, if they do draw.