Ward's Wild Week

Wow. This has been one crazy week for me.

Firstly, I've been preparing my presentation/speaking engagement at IUPUI coming up tomorrow. Trying to harness all the information that's been collected up in my brain is no easy task. Focus. Simplify.

Secondly, submissions for ROLL YER OWN had been coming in on a consistent basis with the majority of the entries dropping into my lap yesterday. We've got a great show lined up, with some wonderful work from SCAD students as well as some great shorts from local animators. I'm happy to say that there'll be some work screened by a couple of HARVEY BIRDMAN folk, along with a special apperance by Joel Trussell -- we're showing his infamous "War Photographer" video with a short Q&A at the end for all you guys into that sort of thing. (For the record, local Atlantan Chris Fox worked on it.) It's going to be a great show!

Lastly, I've been working on a big client cereal spot, which should wrap up today. Yesterday the clients were in the studio to work on any final touches that needed to be made before we ship everything off. Whenever you have clients in, there'll always be a bit of nerve-racking energy evident, with just a dash of stress added as well. However, these guys were so easygoing, we almost forgot they were clients. Very cool with some great stories to tell, they made the whole finishing-up-the-spot thing a breeze.

So there. Crazy week, but looking forward to what's coming up. Hope to see some of you in Indianapolis tomorrow, as well as at ROLL YER OWN on Tuesday, the 21st!

(Oh, and I apologize for no Ava Thursday today. As you can see, I've had a busy week, so there was no time for me to do any scanning. Ava Thursday will be back for next week -- I promise!)


  1. Hey Ward - thanks for checking out my new blog and taking the itme to leave a comment. Hope you keep coming back for more.

    This roll yer own Sounds like a cool time, especially now that the mighty mr. truss will be speaking.

    Any chance you can get a copy of the audio and perhaps post it to your blog??? pretty Please.

  2. I'm storyboarding my short now for next year's roll your own. Still waiting to see that Quickdraw spot you did back in the day. Is that grey I see peppered in your beard?
    Oh my.

  3. You're busy alright--but it sounds like a happy busy--hooray! I tell you, it's very cool to read about such different projects as you get to work on all the time.
    Good luck on all of it and looking forward to maybe a twofer next [Ava] Thursday? I'm sure she never stops drawing. : )


  4. Come on now...Fatal Attraction, it was not that bad was it?

  5. Hope the presentation went well! Will you be talking about it here? *hint, hint* By the way, I've been meaning to tell you that you HAVE to get me a picture of you and Joel together.

  6. Now I'm all nervous! Heh. Looking forward to it all, Ward. Thanks for all the plugs.