Well, our (somewhat) trusty Powerbook G4 is acting up again. After restarting & rebooting 'til kingdom come, whenever I type in my password to login, nothing happens. There's no progress bar, no beach-balling, no blue screen, no desktop image -- nothing. Just the login window and my icon. The only thing that changes is the "log in" button -- instead of blue, it changes to a faded grey, signifying that it's inactive. Any takers on this problem?

If you're expecting email activity from both Andrea and I, hang tight. We're going to take our little PB buddy to the Genius Bar this evening. Hopefully it won't be too crazy of a problem that they can't fix right there. Crossing fingers.


  1. so .........

    did you get it fixed?

  2. Yes,.. well, sort of. It started working once I opened it and had the Mac "Geniuses" take a look at it. They gave it a once over, but suggested some things that I could do to help clean out the system of any quirks, that sort of thing. Thanks for asking.

  3. Try booting in safe mode: hold the shift key down while restarting. If it will boot that way, restart again normally. You may have tried this already.

  4. Thanks, oldroadhog. Next time my PB acts up, I'll be sure to try that as well. Yeah, it's working just fine and dandy now, like nothing happened.

    Which scares me.