Ward Speaks!

Heads up. Wanna see me speak -- or should I say, ramble incessantly whilst I sweat profusely for two hours? I'm sure it'll be a sight to see. Nonetheless, I will be in Indianapolis next Friday, February 17th, to speak about animation, illustration, using traditional art mediums and techniques while working with computers, and other fun stuff at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). It's all part of ACM SIGGRAPH's lecture series, and you can thank former Primate and good friend Mr. John Brian Ludwick for pulling the strings in setting this up. I'm excited about being able to speak at a university. I've spoken at one before -- at my alma mater, Georgia State University -- but that was for a class of about 20 students. This will be a full blown speaking engagement. I'm a bit nervous, but excited all the same.

Here's the announcement as it appears on the ACM SIGGRAPH website:

ACM SIGGRAPH at IUPUI will be hosting guest-speaker Ward Jenkins on Friday, February 17th

ACM SIGGRAPH at IUPUI will be hosting guest-speaker Ward Jenkins on Friday, February 17th, from 5:30-7:30 PM in IT 252 (Second floor of the Informatics Building). Ward, Animation Director at Primal Screen (www.primalscreen.com),is not only a master animator but also does outstanding graffiti and mural art. Having studied animation since the age of 13, his many years of experience and genuine love for the craft will make for a presentation that is enlightening, inspiring, and fun! Check out some of his work and read about the life of Ward Jenkins at wardomatic.blogspot.com. Also, visit www.primalscreen.com for more information about Primal Screen Animation Studio. Don`t forget to mark your calendar for Friday, February 17th!

Admission to this event will be free for all ACM SIGGRAPH members and will cost $3 for all non-members.

So, if you're in the area, come on by. It'd be great to meet some of you. And the 3 bucks admission -- a small price to pay to witness me fall apart right before your very eyes.

(Oh, and I believe that the flyer illustration of me was done by Mr. Ludwick. I love it. That is my actual skin color, folks. Click on it for a closer look!)


  1. Indianapolis is a bit too far (5 hours). If you speak in Chicago or Milwaukee, I'll totally be there.

    I'm one of those rare birds that LOVES to speak in front of people (I taught public speaking for 10 years). I'm sure it'll go well.

  2. No sweat,Ward! No doubt you're gonna have a blast there. Wish I could be there tho'. ;)

  3. Very impressive, Ward. I don't blame Brian at all. You'll be a great speaker. It's about time someone tapped all that animation expertise for a group.

    P.S.--thanks for the comments on my blog. I DO wanna become...one of YOU blog freaks! haha...check out my West Hollywood story...if you have the time...Andrea told me I should write about it!

  4. WOOHOO! Congrats Ward! I wish more than anything that I could be there to listen. I know you'll do a fantastic job. Any plans on bringing the show to Texas?

  5. congratulations, ward! that's quite an honor. but then, i can't think of a finer candidate for the job!

  6. I wish I could be there mate! Let me know how it goes! I want a complete blow by blow account of the presentation!

  7. This is it Ward - the big time!

    Congrats on the engagement - sounds like something special, and I'm sure you'll win everyone over. Have fun!

  8. So, will I get to meet any of my fellow blog-brethren in Indy? I hope so.

    And thanks for the kudos, guys. Like I mentioned before, I'm a little nervous, but excited at the same time about it. I'll make sure I have fun with it.