What a trip we had to Indianapolis! Cold as the dickens, but the hospitality was warm and toasty. I'll have a more in-depth post about my trip with photos, once I get settled down here. It's always hard for me to switch gears, and for me to go from traveling all day to suddenly working on animation for some History Channel show -- I might need a couple of hours to find my bearings.

But I will have those bearings for tonight, though! Tonight at 8pm is ROLL YER OWN -- don't forget! We've got a great line-up, with some fun and eclectic animation to showcase. Please make it out to The Red Chair -- it's an all ages show, but those who are old enough to drink can wear one of those fancy bracelets. It's all the rage, I hear. For directions, you can visit this page. They are in the Amsterdam Walk Shopping Mall, just off of Monroe Drive in glorious Midtown.

See you there!


  1. Wow! WIsh I could make it!! I am in Clemson now. Maybe I'll RUUUUUSH home and see if I can make it tonight.

  2. Ward!!

    It was great to finally meet you! :D

    Thank you so much for making this happen, and letting me show both of my films.

    It is absolutely incredibly encouraging when professionals in the industry enjoy one's art and take the time to say so. Wow. I was blown away.

    A night I won't soon forget! :)

  3. I sure miss wearing a "fancy" bracelet and sipping cocktails with my fav lovable straight buddies while watching animation at the Red Chair. Hope it went well.

  4. As always, your compliments on my illos mean so much. Thanks man!

    How was the trip? Was this excursion centered on your guest speaking gig with Brian Ludwick? I hope you do a post on it...

    Hope you have a good transition back to life at Primal.

  5. Yeah, I plan on posting about my trip to Indy and how the speech went. I also plan on posting about Roll Yer Own. Me so tired, though! I promise soon....