Share the fun

Because it's Wednesday and I need some fun graphics to start my day. This guy was found on an old 50's negative envelope that was in my box of photos that I had been going through recently. Passed down from my Dad's side, there were some negatives inside, but they were blurry shots of a small trailer-like house. Looks like they were the duds of the set. Somehow the envelope escaped File 13 and now had caught my eye to be scanned.

"Share the fun with others" -- sounds like a good mantra, if you ask me.

If you like fun vintage graphics like this, be sure to check out my Flickr photoset, Fun Ephemera.


  1. Love the design of the guy... plus the color combinations are spot on. How do you find all these great things?!

  2. Hey, that's what you do Ward! You share the fun with us. I've been away for awhile but I'm all caught up now. (Ava's pictures were amazing as always!) I want you to know how much my appreciation for illustration and animation has expanded and deepened since I began under the 'tutelage' of Ward-O-Matic. Thank you!

  3. you have always been good at sharing the fun.