Ava Thursday: The Beauty Parlor

This is what you see when you come up to Ava's room: a large marker drawing taped up onto her door. I was completely floored by this piece when I came home from work several months ago. The details, the characters, the expressions, the story -- all of it blew me away. As I got the story lowdown from Ava, she proceeded to tell me that this is at a place where they do your hair. "A beauty parlor?" I asked. "Yeah." she replies. There are two parts to the story here, with the bottom half being the first part. See close ups:

(Click on image to see Flickr page with notes. Click here to view much larger.)

The main character is the girl in the lower left-hand corner. She's getting her hair done (notice the curlers and the hair dryer above her head) and is happy to know that she has the exact amount of coins to pay for this service (3 coins). There is a baby in a baby carriage next to her, by the way. There is a "bad girl" in the background who thinks she has the right amount of coins but does not (she has 2). The receptionist is over there on the right, sitting there with her beautiful desk and swirly chairs. She also has a swirly hat on, too. She's got style.

(Again, click on image to see Flickr page with note. Click here to view a much larger version.)

The second part of the story has our main girl now very happy to have her hair done and is showing her coin(s) to prove that she now can pay for it. Again, her baby is in a baby carriage next to her, and the "bad girl" is in the back there, making a fuss. She's gonna get what's coming to her, I'm sure. (I think she has a daughter, who's a stinker. Just look at their faces.) That's the Beauty Parlor over there on the left.

What an imagination! I love all the details here, with the shoes, the hair, the intricate details on the desk and chairs. You can tell that Ava really spent a long time on this.

(Oh, you know I'm just waiting for the day that I can train her to be my assistant, right? If John Hubley can do it, why not me?)


  1. So good. It reminds me of Alexander Calder's circus.

  2. It's so rad. The swirls and the hats and the carriages! Love it.

    It's like the Whosville Beauty Parlor.

  3. you know, I look at this several times a day... and I never get tired of looking at it. I always notice something new.

  4. did anybody noticed how she's arch the building to add perseptive. This little girl is going 2 be awesome. Watch your back Ward she's going 2 be trouble to her generation of artists.

  5. She is very talented!! Like father like daughter!! :)

  6. That Ava...man, she's way beyond her age...I have a feeling your Hubley fantasy might just come true!

    I'm fascinated by the "bad girl" she's depicted. Is that a girl she knows? ...from school? I also like the look on the (good) girl with her coins, getting her hair done.