Ava Thursday: The Long Long Tail

This is another one of Ava's homework assignment drawings (remember The Big Sandwich?), where I read to her the same little book each night. On Thursday night, the assignment calls for Ava to either write or draw about the story, and, of course, Ava chooses to draw.

The story this go 'round is of these two marionette-like characters curious as to why there is this long, long tail in their house. The image above is Ava's version of the cover of the book, with the original cover to the left, so you can compare the two. What I find interesting is how Ava pretty much copied the cover verbatim, but switched the two characters, with the woman now on the right in her drawing. I love the expressions -- she got that down pretty well. I also love the way she depicted the long, striped tail, different colors and all.

I know it looks funny, but no, the guy does not have a flower vase on top of his head. Ava drew the vase and flower on the table in the back there first, and then drew the guy, without really thinking about placement, etc. Kids think like this -- they pretty much draw without conviction, illustrating people or objects on top of one another, or meshed together, not realizing that it may look odd or strange to the viewer. Logic is not part of their world yet.


  1. ava told me to write this:

    "they saw a cat tail. they followed it all the way to a cat. it was a dollhouse. they were in a dollhouse!!! that's where they found it!"

    she was very emphatic about this.

  2. aw! sounds like a great story. like the apron bow - that must be hard to draw no?

  3. I love the colors! I can't wait til my boy starts drawing actual things. But at the same time, he's got an abstract artist as a mama, so no wonder he's non-objective boy!

  4. Interesting how she drew the (hallway?).

    I like the green shadows under the feet, too.

  5. Ward, your daughter drawings are absolutely lovely.

    Posting my own son's drawings is something that I've wanted to do for quite a long time. He's 7 and a half now and he did and does some amazing stuff.

    Your Ava thursday series refreshes my memory and makes me feel like doing it at least. It's just a matter of scanning some sheets, but who finds the time...

    Meanwhile I'll keep on enjoying those fresh pieces of imagination.