Ava Thursday: Ezra's Fussy

Welcome to another edition of Ava Thursday, where I, Ward Jenkins, feature a piece of artwork by my 4 1/2 year-old daughter, Ava, on a weekly basis. I think she's a pretty talented little girl (I'm her dad -- I'm supposed to think that), and so I've decided to post up her artwork for others to enjoy. Ava gets a big kick out of it, too, as she loves to see her work on the computer screen. If you'd like to see previous Ava Thursday efforts, there's a pull-down menu over in the right column. Hope you like.

And so, for this week's effort Ava has drawn her little brother, Ezra not happy at all. Ava said that "he's fussy!" Ezra's not too bad a baby -- in fact, he's quite the happy and content little boy -- but here, Ava's decided to show him otherwise. Notice that he's saying something with the word balloon on the right, and he's thinking something with the thought balloon on the left. It's interesting how she places him right in the middle, as most children do whenever they draw themselves or some main character. And look at the environment she's placed Ezra in. Whenever she draws a square-ish thing around a character, that usually means they are in a room, or a house.

And you gotta love the little doodle on the right there, of Andrea and I. Very cute.

This drawing was done earlier this year in January, with markers.


  1. You've rekindled my love for markers. :)

  2. Nice! I always enjoy Ava Thursday. So when is she going on tour?

  3. Hey, I heard this 7 year old kid who started out drawing things like this and now he's on TV painting hundreds of paintings in his own studio, and getting big bucks...I bet Ava's like that too huh, can't wait to see more of these!

  4. I LOVE that drawing. Ava Thursdays rock.

  5. This Blog is fascinating; your use of pictures is excellent, and certainly adds something verging on the emotional to the otherwise often sterile world of the internet; what vibrant juxtaposition that young drawing is with the clean lines of a websote. Well done.

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  6. Ward, you amaze me! What a writer and what a dad! I am proud of you and what you do for your family! Enjoyed reading all of your info! God bless, Coach