Ava Thursday: Two Faces

Let's see what Ava has in store for us today. Ah, yes. Something she doodled about a year ago. She was drawing faces for a while, just floating heads, with different eyes, heads, hair, ears, etc. Here are two of the more unique faces she created around that time. The one on the right is very creative, with a huge mouth and a nose above the eyes. I like the expression of the guy on the left, with the wide eyes and frightened hair.

Not sure what the object is at the bottom, but at one time she said it was a piece of pizza. She's since recanted. The mystery continues...


  1. You have practically a MirĂ³ at home. :)
    Great blog, man. I'm new around, but I'm really enjoying, both your craftmanship and your warmth.

  2. the one on the right reminds me of a turtle with the wedge shaped mouth and slit like nostrils just above the eyes 'cept looks like he's sportin' a nose ring !

  3. Thanks, odyr -- I'm glad you're enjoying it. Me too. I'm having fun.

    Cin -- you're right, it does resemble a turtle, doesn't it? Hmm, maybe he is sporting a ring, and Ava is trying to tell me something....

  4. Nice blog. New to the site but is seems like a nice place to bookmark. Thanx for sharing.

    (Our family site is pretty new too, come on by anytime.)

  5. Interesting... I see three faces.