Abundant Linkage

Happy Spring Forward! (Did you move your clocks ahead an hour?) If you noticed, I've added many more links over in the right column. I'd been meaning to do this for a while, but never had to chance to really sit down and commit to it. (Yes, it requires a good night of patience, that's for sure.)

I've now changed up the Linky Links section, added four new blog sections: Animationblogs, Artblogs, Designblogs, and Otherblogs, and added more links in my Other fun links section.

About some of the links I've added:

In the Linky links section I added Archive.org's Prelinger Archives, which is a fantastic (and very extensive) site for short films and commericals that are in the public domain. Do a search for "animation" and you'll find some unique treasures. Wooster Collective is a great site for graffiti and street art, with many links on writers and artists, articles, gallery openings, artwork featured, interviews, and much more.

In the Atlanta Artists/Animators section: If you're into comics that are "relaxed and fun" (not that there is anything wrong with that), check out the very talented C. Edwards and his new online comic, Abel Boddy. C. is my assistant (most of the time) when he freelances for Primal, so he's got to be good, right? (I must say that if you got the Seinfeld reference in that earlier sentence, then you'll know what to expect in this comic.)

In the Animationblogs section, BookSpeak is a new blog by animator Josh Book. Everything you ever wanted to know about Flash can be found at Cold Hard Flash, including many interviews with Flash animators in the business. Since I'll be diving into that program soon, expect me to be constant visitor to that site. John at The Disney Blog helped me out with some issues regarding image use (you'll see what I'm talking about soon), so, much props to the man and his great informative blog. fps Magazine now has a blog, called In-Betweens.

I've added sThig's Artsy Fartsy Weblog in the Artblogs section, along with many others. Devas T is a blog by children's book illustrator Don Tate (found via Jared's Crockpot). I really dig Cin's artwork, so check out her blog, Learning Daily. I also dig illustrator Paige Pooler's artblog, eyes wide apart. Nice work.

All the Designblogs featured kick the butts of all of us who use basic blog templates, so give them a pound.

In Otherblogs, you'll find a vast assortment of blogs that fall into other catagories, including Olivia's not so pink anymore and Lulu's Hopscotch Honey (Lulu is my sister-in-law). Lots of scans of ephemera and old photos to look at while visiting Swapatorium and Snapatorium, both headed up by a vernacular photo collector from Houston. She also does collage work at Scrapatorium.

In the Various fun stuff, I've added Atlanta Time Machine, which I featured a while back, and some fun album cover links, Cover Heaven and Show and Tell Music. And lastly, who doesn't want a Vespa?

There are a good many more links not mentioned here that I've added, so be sure to visit these nice folks' sites and blogs.


  1. Great...

    You kknow, every time you post more links, it makes that much harder for me to get anything done!!! Just kidding... Can't wait to wade through these...

  2. Great links, expecially Cup o Joes...great coffee shop! My brother used to bring me there coffee whenever he came home from college. Although you seem to have a great lists of links I have a suggestion for a fun photo tool. www.foolsjelly.com I know random name but it's cool you should check it out!

  3. Ruth-- Cup of Jo is not a coffeeshop. It's the site to Jo Davidovich, an animation student at SCAD. She was an intern at Primal Screen, where I work at, and she did some fantastic assistant work there. If you had clicked on the link, you would've figured it out.

    And for the record, I am not down with you plugging something that does not fit in with what is being talked about here in this comment section -- in fact, I hate it. Not only is it bad blog manners, it's downright RUDE. Please don't do it again. Thanks.

  4. I am so sorry, i relly didn't mean to be rude, please beleive me when I say that it was the last thing on my mind. I guess i looked at your link wrong and for that I am also sorry. :( andI promise to never do it again. once again i'm very sorry i offended you and I hope you will please forgive me.

  5. I'm sorry ruth, for jumping on your case so viciously. I didn't mean to come across like that. I feel like I should explain myself: Ever since this blog had been placed on Blogger's "Blogs of Note" list, the floodgates opened to all sorts of outsiders who would come onto the next popular blog and try and hawk their wares. I had to delete so many of these "spam comments," and so it made me frustrated and calloused to anybody who disrupted the flow of conversation on a particular post.

    I deeply apologize for not picking up on your genuine interest in your first comment, and I hope you forgive me. I'm a good guy--honest! I guess I was in a bad mood when I read your comment and thought it was another one of those spammers. (In fact, Andrea, my wife, picked up on your innocence and tried to stop me from commenting, but for some reason I didn't listen to her. When will I realize that she's always right???)

    Again, I'm sorry for my response and I hope you understand come back to visit.

  6. I completley understand where you were coming from and no harm was done. I look farward to reading more stuff on your blog! Hey but seeing as though your from Atlanta...does that mean you a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs?!?!

  7. (Oops, I meant to say "...and I hope you understand and come back to visit.")

    I almost went to UGA, right after high school, but I suddenly had a change of heart and went to a small school in Cincinnati, OH. It was there where I met my future wife, Andrea, and the rest, as they say....is history.

    Some of my friends were big GA fans, and practically everybody in the state was back in '81 or '82 when they won the National Title in football, but I've since moved away from being interested in sports. I dunno. My mom is married to a UGA Alum and so they go to games all the time. She's trying to force her UGA ways onto my unsuspecting children, and she thinks I don't see what she's doing, but, mom -- I see and I know! Hee hee hee...

  8. ah, mr. ward-o-matic, when will you learn? when will you learn? I AM ALWAYS RIGHT. the sooner you accept this fact, the better your life will be.