hula seventy

My dear friends, I present to you all, the birth of a new blog. Yes, yes, I know, what the world does not need now is a new blog, but I must say that this one is special. Presenting hula seventy. What's so special about it? Well....it's started up by my dear wife, Andrea.

Ever since I started The Ward-O-Matic, I've been driving her nuts -- begging her to start a blog, as she possesses this great ability to fully capture the moment in words, along with having a very original outlook on the world around her. A modern dancer who has a deep love for art, vintage junk, underground hip-hop and red velvet cake, she also grew up in one of the most interesting households I've ever known. And being a mother of two, coupled with being married to me... well, she's bound to have some interesting things to say, that's for sure.

She's just started it up, so there's only a couple of posts, but she'll have pics, artwork and more lyrical gems soon. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, sweetie.


  1. What next? Will Ezra have a blog? Will he get the keyboard all sticky? What will he write about? Anyhoo, congrats to the Mrs. and best wishes as she joins the ignoble many in clogging our internet pipeline.

  2. Boy, I look old there in that photo.

    And don't you worry, Robert, Ezra's diaper patterns have been scanned and will be posted soon. (They're quite similar to Rorschach tests, actually.) Look out for Ezra Diaper Tuesdays!

  3. Hey Ward! Congratulations! I had no idea your blog had so much to offer. I am enjoying it so much. Keep the Ava Thursdays coming. Man that daughter of yours is something special... Thanks for sharing the art work. Looking forward to hula seventy.

  4. O.K. First time commenting on a blog and I forgot to sign my name. Anonymous is me - Nancila!