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I did a painting for Ava's preschool's silent auction again this year. (You can see the painting I did for last year here.) Titled, studio, it's a nod to Robert Rauschenberg, as I've always been a big fan of Rauschenberg, and always will.

I never did find out who bought my painting last year. It's weird to think that somebody has a painting of mine in their home (or in their storage or closet), and they don't even know who did it. I did put my name and number on the back, but I've never gotten a call from the owner. So, here's another year, and another anonymous person will own a Ward Jenkins original. It is sort of tough to let go of something that you put your heart into for a short amount of time. To let go of something that you created is one of the hardest things to do for an artist. Hence, it'll be extremely hard on me and Andrea when we have to let go of our little ones as they go off to school. Our little creations.


  1. I love the way that the person in the picture, even with such a loose brush and approach, is so well constructed. The shadows, the solid quality.You can see the diference that crafmanship does. Even in a painting that's so far from "realistic" aproach the knowledge shows and and give substance to the work.
    way to go.

  2. That's extremely cool. I'm sure there are plenty of people who'd love to own a 'Ward Jenkins Origianl'!

  3. I am someone who would enjoy a Ward Jenkins original *cough cough*.
    Really nice painting, Ward. I like everything about it. There's a really nice energy to it. I can hardly stand to watch my brother's dog get older... I know i'll be a basket case once Amanda and I have kids and they are ready to start school.

  4. That is one that I would love to have on my wall! VERY GOOD WARD! I love the colors.

    I'm big on good colors.

  5. what I love about so many of your pieces is that I am always seeing something new, discovering the tiniest of details that I somehow missed before. enjoying: the colors, the texture, the movement, the nod to rauschenburg.

  6. Thank you all for the compliments. It does mean so much to me to hear the feedback on my artwork. Interesting commentary on the figure in the piece, Odyr, and Jared--you haven't got enough money! Just kidding. If you're nice I may relent. Andrea, sometimes the details I may overlook myself. It's weird. I do try to put meaningful content in my work, but happy accidents always make the process more interesting for me. Thank you all.

    I do wish that I could just venture out on my own with my illustrations and paintings, but I can't afford the risk, what with two kids and all. Some day.

    I don't know. You know I'd love to start doing some postcard series or lithograph series and maybe start selling them online, but not sure how to go about doing that. Any ideas, people?

  7. I don´t know much about this myself, Ward, but I have a comics artist friend that uses this place. Aparently they sell your stuff online, with no trouble for you.

  8. just discovered your blog. Awesome stuff! Oddly enough, the few Georgians I have met have been super talented. (I work with a guy from Savannah who has his own comic)

    I hope to make you a regular stop in my travels. Come stop by my neighborhood too when you have a second.


  9. I think postcards is a grand idea!

  10. Beautiful! Sadly, this piece was hidden away in some dark corner of all the other stuff and I didn't even see it until Mandy pointed it out.

    I was a little disappointed at how the "Atlanta Artist" section was separated from the rest of the auction. Your painting should have been among the other Atlanta artists for sure. I mean, you're an artists and you live in Atlanta! What gives?

    It was a good party otherwise. I got terribly, embarassingly drunk... We definitely missed y'all!

  11. Its just not fair, one person gets all the talent!