Illustration Friday: Reinvent

Click on image for a closer lookie-loo.

Silly me. I just had to do a piece for Illustration Friday incorporating "reinvent" with Madonna. Just HAD too, right?

I'm not an official Fan Of Madonna. Don't get me mixed up with those people (sorry Robert). However, I guess you could say that I'm fascinated and intrigued by the singer. You have to admit, she is one interesting person. I do like some of her work, especially the early albums. (I even saw her in concert in 1985. And guess who opened up for her? The Beastie Boys. They were phenomenal. All the teenybopper Madonna-wannabes hated them. I thought they were great. Oh, and I went to the concert because somebody gave me a free ticket. Just had to say that for posterity sake.)

And so, since Madonna's often been described as reinventing herself all the time, it just seemed appropriate for the occasion. I love the idea that Madonna could be a robot of some sort, able to switch identities all the time, with the simple change of a mask or appendage, since she seems to do this in real life without any trouble at all. When I started doing research on all her looks, I realized just HOW MANY Madonna had! What was I thinking? And by the way -- bonus points if you can name either the album, year or era for each of the Madonna-masks over on the right.

I know that it's a little different than from my usual work shown here, but I don't care. This style is more my "default" style, reverting back to my cartoon style of drawing. Not so stylized or intricate as my other work, but it was a whole heck of a lot of fun to work on, nonetheless. And I spent way too much time on it. I should've been working on other things at home -- there were so much more important things to do! What's up wit dat? Sheesh!

(Is it me, or does it look like she's holding the head of Michael Jackson?)


  1. Yeah, she keeps her stylist(s) hopping; it's interesting to see her new style at least.

    (Ha Ha, two posts in two days, there, a blurker no more! (On this site anyway.))

  2. Thanks for commenting, Jascon. It's nice to convert a blurker!

    And now, about this piece....


    I hope everyone knows she's holding a mask, right? Not a head. Those are masks, over there.... get it???

    So, uh. Yeah.

    *Wah wah wahhhh....*

  3. Well, the bottom shelf has her "Like a Virgin" image; next to it, I believe, that's the "Like a Prayer" phase; next to that is the "True Blue" look or is that one on the second shelf? No, definitely "True Blue". I'll let somebody else take over from here.

  4. Great image, very well done!! The word reinvent does bring Madonna to mind.

  5. Love your concept and illo.
    Nice drawing and colours..

    That is one of the greatest things I have ever seen.

  7. Thanks for the compliments, guys. It's good to know that some people are looking at the thing.

    As for identifying the time for each of the masks, I think noting from which video would be more appropriate. I will say that the one that the Madonna-bot is holding and about to put away, is her current look, which can be seen on her website. In fact, you can find a good amount of her looks throughout the ages there by checking out her discography. (That is, if anyone cares.)

    And actually, I was trying to create her "Lucky Star/Borderline" look from her debut album, there on the bottom shelf. But "Like a Prayer" is close enough. "True Blue" is indeed represented here, but twice. Both hairstyles are from a different video. (I'm a big video junkie.)

    Again, thanks for stopping by, people!

  8. I just recently ran into your site and have been hooked since! Can you describe the techniques you use on your work? Keep the great work!

  9. I think it's amazing! Heaven knows I could never draw anything remotely close to that piece! I can definitely see the different "Madonna's" at the right, and I think the concept is great. I understand what you mean about sometimes not feeling like your brain child is fully conceived, but I think this is terrific.

  10. It's like a lovely little Christmas card just for me! I like that the Madonnabot has a picture of herself pinned up on the mirror; nice touch. I'm just getting a look at this now Ward (the computer I had access to in SC couldn't display any graphics) and it's a total hoot; I also like the prominent Laverne-style "M." You do realize, of course, that you could do a sequel with pretty much the same number of masks and not repeat yourself.

  11. Ah, yes. The One the Only, Messieur Pope. I was expecting you to be the winner in my silly little contest here and correctly identify all the looks shown here -- by album timeframe, video, or other. Please be my guest....

  12. OMG!!! Like, i luuuuv Madonna TOO! Wanna come over tonight a paint each other's toenails and talk about boys??? Right now i'm sitting on my bed by the phone waiting for my boyfriend to call me! i hope he calls! Hee hee. He's, like, so cute! OMG!!! You won't believe what we did this past wkend...Truth or Dare!!! i just about gagged when tiffany went down on that coke bottle!!! Hee hee! She's such a skank! Don't you think??? BTW...i luv your drawing of our favorite mega superstar!!! Like, you totally got all her phases. Remember when you remade her pepsi commercial and lip-synched in that video for me!!?? You are SOOO cool! like, but seriously, you're drawing of her is awesome. You're gonna be famous one day. Call me, okay??? OMG!!! i'm gonna die if I don't talk to you soon. hee hee. Friends4ever, kay!!!