A Ward-O-Matic Primer

With The Ward-O-Matic still listed as one of the "Blogs of Note" on the Blogger Dashboard page, I still get a good amount of curious visitors checking out this odd blog of mine. Sometimes I forget that there are many who do not know who I am and who this "Ava" is, as well as what in the heck this blog's all about. (Of course, I'm still trying to figure that out too, so be patient with me....) I decided to take a cue from Andrea Scher at Superhero Designs, who has, on her great blog, listed a "best of" in-case-you-missed-it posts from her recent past.

Here are a some posts from The Ward-O-Matic that might help you get a good idea of who I am and what I'm doing:

The Basics:
This is The Ward-O-Matic - this is the first post, laying down the foundation for this blog.
Just who is this Ward guy, anyway? - Pretty much sums it up there, doesn't it? About me and how I got into the animation biz in Atlanta.
A "Blog of Note" - How this blog got noticed.
What's in a name? - Where I came up with the name "Ward-O-Matic."

Popular Posts:
The Polar Express: A Virtual Train Wreck (conclusion) - This is the post that raised the interest of many, including Boing Boing and Blogger, thus placing me on the "Blogs of Note."
The Polar Express: A Virtual Train Wreck - First part to my commentary and review of the film.
Sometimes a dot is just a dot - This was the first drawing of Ava's that I scanned and posted here on The Ward-O-Matic. This, coupled with the idea behind Illustration Friday, gave me the idea to do Ava Thursdays. (To see the rest of Ava's work, check out the pull-down menu on the right column there.)
The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal - A recent review about this interesting short film I saw a while back.
Why is it... - People, please.

My Artwork:
Jump - Ava's first time on trampoline.
Ward 2.0 - Silly drawings of me by me.
Some thanks, etc. - Post sending thanks out to people, with a drawing of me animating.
Hey, I love to paint, too. - I do. I really do.
Sketches - Some sketches that I finally got around to scanning and posting. Some day I'll post up some more. Some day.
Illustration Friday: Sorrow
Illustration Friday: Jazz
Illustration Friday: Ancient
Boys Night Out - Recent post with drawrings.

The Future:
What to expect on The Ward-O-Matic? Well, I plan on posting more of my sketches and artwork soon. I also have seen ROBOTS and plan on posting my thoughts on that film, as well as THE INCREDIBLES DVD, which I've seen countless times by now. (Not to mention, the third installment to my continuing commentary on THE POLAR EXPRESS, of which I've seen the IMAX 3D version, and want to talk about that.) I also plan on conducting some interviews with various professionals in the world of art and animation, just as soon as I find the time. And, of course expect more of my rants, raves and ramblings, as well as more Ava Thursdays. Fun for the whole family, yes?

So there ya go. Hopefully this will give you enough to chew on, and perhaps keep you coming back for more.

Hope you all had a great Easter. We had a blast.


  1. Wow, now i'm really looking forward to what's gonna come on this site! Hopefully many more cute Ava Thursday's, can't wait!

  2. Wow! It's a miracle! I am able to FINALLY post my comment! Whew!!!
    Wait... I forgot what I wanted to say...

    Seriously, I really love reading this man. You have a great insight into the realm of the creative. I like especially that you seem particularly to identify with outsiders--those who seem to be on the fringe (graf writers and other urban artists). Keep up the good work!

  3. Not to sound all smarmy but your site is so cool. I am inspired by all these great blurbs and links. thanks!