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Thought I'd share with you all my contributions to Drawn!, the multi-author blog that I've been graciously asked to be a part of by Robot Johnny. Drawn! focuses on inspirations in art, illustration, comics and the like. It's a fun site. You should go there....NOW! Here are my three posts thus far:

I've been spending too much time at the website to Los Angeles' Buck. Buck was started up by Jeff Ellermeyer and Ryan Honey about little over a year ago and is heavy on the cutting-edge broadcast design that is oh-so-hip nowadays. Be sure to check out their ID's for "Puma vs. Fuse" and "Wintergreen vs. Fuse," as well as their demo reel. Good stuff.

I've been checking out the work of Doze Green for some time now, as he's been featured in Straight No Chaser, XLR8R, and Juxtapoz magazines. Displaced and dismembered bodies floating admist icons of typeography and arrows, his work evokes a nightmarish world of the futuristic graff writer. Where some graffiti writers run into that proverbial brick wall while trying to crossover successfully into the art-world, Doze has done it with ease. Plus, he's done so without compromising his unique vision. Originally a b-boy from back in the day (he's featured briefly in the STYLE WARS documentary, so we're talking about 1982, y'all), he's not frontin'. He's the real deal.

There is a small gallery still up of work by THE IRON GIANT's production designer Mark Whiting. Who? Truly one of the most passionate artists on that production, Mark seemingly vanished soon afterwards. Or did he? If you check out Mark on IMDB you see that he was the art director for the DUCK DODGERS TV series. and he also worked on some conceptual environmental designs for FINDING NEMO. (You can find a couple of his pieces in the "Art of..." book, if you're curious.) It looks like he's started his own production company, Tranquility Pictures, but the site looks to be a couple of years old.

To see some of his character designs for the Giant, go HERE and then click on the "next" button. His work is so rich and moody, I'd long to see more of it. If anybody knows what he's up to lately, I'd be curious to know.

Be sure to visit Drawn! on a daily basis as there are eight(!) of us posting lots of visual goodness for all to enjoy.


  1. Wow, such a wealth of information!!! I am really gettiing into some of the better concept/production art that's out there. Sometimes, the art seems a little bit better than the actual movie--NOT the case with IRON GIANT.

    I Some of the work is very reminscent of one of my heroes, Maurice Noble. I have SOOOOOOO much to learn about value and composition, myself... It's great to have these guys to look to for inspiration! Thanks mate!!


    I went to 'Drawn'.. and spent about an hour going through the previous posts.

    It was then that I came across 'NosePilot'

    I had NO idea that somebody could do that with flash.

    The only WIERD part is the strange story line behind the animation. Check it out.

    Of course, I cant even draw a stick figure.. i'm just an admirer of visual art.

    My medium is sound.. Ghost Notes

  3. I hope it is okay that I am commenting even though i am not an artist! I just wanted to say I love your stuff. Added a new link section for Art blogs to my blog because of it...
    Elizabeth Jackson

  4. Elizabeth, you are always welcome to comment on my blog, artist or not! This is a general audience blog, wherein I want everybody to feel comfortable talking about what they like or don't like. Never hesitate in commenting here, and feel free to visit again!

  5. And this is just a side note to everyone who decides to post a comment here on The Ward-O-Matic: if you post only to promote your own blog, I will delete it immediately. I'm all for self-promotion, but it's rather tacky to do so through these means. The comments are open to promote dialog and discussion with other readers, and when someone posts a comment that is solely for the use of promoting their own site or blog, it disrupts the flow of conversation, and I despise that. Please respect my decision in this matter as I would never do the same on your site.


  6. Wow, nice recommendation! I took "cushman's" advice and went to "Nosepilot". Strange, yet absolutely fascinating. In other words, absolutely, it was awesome. Thanks for recommending it! I loved it.

  7. I didn't even pay attention to who posted the Iron Giant piece...and now I feel like such a dork. erm...?

  8. I love the second picture and the 3rd pic of the iron giant, I remember back in the 80's when i was young a song about that iron giant.