Ava Thursday: Easter Bunny

Easter was a big success this year, as it was Ezra's first, and Ava having a grand ol' time with family and, more importantly, Easter eggs and candy. We try not to give her too much chocolate and jelly beans, but sometimes we can't help it. Plus, she's good at not eating it all at once. She likes to put some of the candy accumulated in assorted set-ups, sometimes with the occasional posing Polly Pocket.

So yes, the following day, Ava picks up her pencil and starts to draw and out comes this wonderful drawing of Ava with the Easter Bunny! She added the color on the next day. She said that the Easter Bunny has an Easter basket with ONLY EGGS. There are eggs all around the scene, with one or two decorated. Also there's a crayon right underneath the big basket in the middle. (And see that little sign with a bunny head and a slash right through it? Ava said that sign says "No bunnies allowed." Apparently, the Easter Bunny is completely disregarding it as he's hopping all up in this scene. Maybe that's why he has a worried look on his face.)

Interestingly, in the lower right-hand corner, she drew this odd shaped object and an egg right next to it. It looked like a pencil to me, but wasn't sure. Of course, me being the curious Dad, just had to ask what that was. "That's my pencil drawing an egg."


  1. Super nice! Love the color choices. This makes me want to draw an Easter Bunny as well... I think I will! Thanks for the inspiration Ava.

  2. This is probably my favorite so far. I love the detail - especially her "pencil drawing the egg." AND the "bunny buster" sign! What a hoot! Is she a genius or what? Sorry. But I really do like this picture. It's on the fridge AND at work.

  3. Funny how children can make you feel like silly about asking what seemed to be a serious question.

  4. I think ava needs to start a kids clothing line :)
    by kids for kids.
    you could even call it