Ava Thursday: Daddy at Work 2

Click on image for closer look!

Welcome to another edition of Ava Thursday! I've been quite the busy bee lately, what with finishing up that last post on The Subconsious Art of Graffiti Removal for Monday, several posts up on Drawn!, and working on the CD packaging for a hip-hop MC out in Phoenix, AZ. (Once it's released, I'll post it up here soon.) I almost didn't have the time to get the next installment of Ava Thursday ready, but since I know that there are good amount of readers that come and visit only for Ava's artwork, well, I couldn't let you down, now, could I?

If today's drawing looks familiar to you, you're absolutely right -- this is similar to Ava's drawing from February 3rd. Actually, today's drawing was drawn first, on a Friday, while Ava was visiting my work. The next day she drew me again, but not with so much detail.

Because today's drawing is so detailed, I've made it possible for you to click on the image to see a larger version, complete with descriptions about what Ava drew. As she was working on this drawing, I happened to turn around and see her looking up and around her, draw a little bit, look up, draw some more, etc. So when she was done, she did her usual describing of the scenario to me and of course I was pleased as I could be that she chose me as the subject. But I was curious as to what this huge centipede-like object was at the top of the paper. I asked her what that was. She said, "That," and pointed up towards the ceiling of my workplace. Since the building that Primal Screen occupies was once an old printing company warehouse, we have high ceilings. And being a high-tech animation and design company, we have lots of wires running through the place. To corral all this technological circuitry, there are these metal catwalks placed high above our cubicles, with spider-like arms on each side to keep the wires from getting outta hand. So, Ava, upon seeing these catwalk thingys high above my office, decided to depict one in her little masterpiece here.

Now, even I don't notice details like that.

UPDATE: You can now see a photo of these catwalks HERE!


  1. my girl ava ROCKS THE CASBAH.

  2. She certainly does. She gets it from her mommy.

  3. Your descriptions of what Ava drew and from where she drew her inspiration are great. Usually you see kid's art and are left to your own interpretation. Too bad more people are not as observant, and willing to share what they see.

  4. gotta tell you, your notes ? almost (amazingly) not necessary ! got everything, iMac (economy of line there, wow, but so recognizable !) shag rug, messy hair, shelves, chair, table, I guessed that was a mobile, and just thought it was a plain sun not the fancy sunburst clock variety. So only needed help with the camera (thought it was a mug) and even with your note haven't got a clue what "Front of Primal Screen" is. Looks like a dog.

    Yay Ava, rock on !

  5. I guess you're right, that there probably didn't need to be any notes, but I did it just in case. And I guess I should've said "Front of Daddy's work," as Primal Screen is where I work. Thanks for the comment, Cin!

    And thanks, mango13 for your comment as well. I find Ava's descriptions of her drawings very fascinating and I just felt the need to share with everyone out there. She's a very fun little girl.

  6. lol@ andrea and Ava makes work look much more fun than it is lol.

  7. Well hello, Dali!

  8. I don't have children's artwork to look at at home and frankly the dogs' work pales in comparison to Ava's. I mucho appreciate the opportunity to share in your little girls' world. Thank you!

  9. how old is your little girl?
    she did a really good job at drawing what she sees. as cin said,i almost didnt need the note! i still dont know what a mobile is!..still, she is really talented.
    i hope one day she will make you very proud of her. i know she will! yay for you both!