Weekend fun

Crazy weekend we had, but it was fun! Ava had her Big Birthday Party, with everything pink and red. Those colors are now seared into my skull. My eyes ache. But oh! what fun we all had! Andrea and her cousin, Kristy, went all out. You should've seen it. Well, you will, most likely. With two parents blogging about things around them, you know Ava's party will be documented somewhere on the web. Poor girl. So much for privacy.

Another thing about this weekend, I was able to get back out and do some graffiti on a permission wall. And yes, I will post about this glorious event as well. All in due time.

Here's some links for you all:

Retro Randy has some very hilarious scans of various past pop culture oddities. Some more strange, loveable retro goodness can be found at The Swank Pad. We all must have a sense of humor about our past, don't you think? Yes.

Ed Bell is an amazing animator and director who's worked on fantastic projects and jobs for Wild Brain in San Fran. Love his work.

Everything you've ever wanted to know about stop-motion animation can be found at StopMotionAnimation.com. Be sure to check out some of the great photos that are posted in some of the threads there. Great stuff. (And I do hope you all go check out Charlie and The Chocolate Factory to see the trailer to Corpse Bride. Or, you can just check out the link I just gave you there. Either way, it's a wonderful trailer. Can't wait to see the film!)

S'more blogging madness:
All my wisdom is stuck in the back of my tooth (Wins the best blog title for the month.): animator mentioned on Drawn!
Patch of Orange: art and sketches
Billy Blog: fun art blog found through Illustration Friday
UPDATE: Bill's got a site too! Check it out HERE.

And a special congrats to Paige Pooler for the ultra-big mention on Boing Boing! Way to go, Paige! Don't forget us little people who knew you when, now that you're a big shot blog star....


  1. Kickin' party man! There's something about seeing small children exhaust themselves pummeling a pinata! Thanks for having us. It was a great time. We MUST return the favor!!

  2. Thanks so much for the link to my blog. I found yours through Steve Mack's blog and have been visiting for a while now. I was extremely suprised and happy to see my blog mentioned here. Thanks again.

  3. James, you know you guys are always welcome at the Jenkins' household! Thanks for being there.

    Bill, wow! Great stuff! I didn't know you had a site (I guess I looked over it on your list of links on your blog). I am now updating the post to include your site link, as well! No problem with the mention. Lovely work. Keep it up!

  4. thanks for the metion on your blog man, glad you like the title...lol!


  5. fun-o-matic links there ward - thanks!!!

  6. I agree Ed Bell is amazing. Inspiring to many folks. The link on your site was missing something, but his personal site is here. Thanks for all the great blogging!